Abby Dowse Flaunts Bodacious Booty In Skimpy, Neon Green Bikini

'Tis the season for Instagram models to fill their feeds with steamy bikini photos. However, few on the platform know how to flaunt their killer curves and incredible assets like Fashion Nova ambassador, fitness guru and social media star Abby Dowse. The Aussie sensation proved as much once again in her most recent update, a sizzling bikini snapshot featuring a familiar piece of swimwear.

To the delight of her 2.2 million followers, Dowse uploaded a picture to Instagram on May 24 that showed her impressive physique and sumptuous figure in a two-piece, neon green number that had appeared on her feed less than 24 hours earlier. In the process, the 30-year-old proved that lightning does indeed strike twice.

In the rear-view snap, Dowse's famous behind took center stage as the angle of the camera shot seemingly pulled its curves and contours closer to the lens. A minuscule piece of neon green fabric was the only thing hiding her tanned and toned lower half, and it did little to keep the photo shoot from being an incredibly cheeky affair.

The full breadth of Dowse's torso was visible from behind; although her back was largely in shadow due to the flowing locks of blonde hair that draped over it, her sun-kissed skin remained mostly in full view. With her slender left arm resting at her side and her delicate fingers slightly grazing her thigh, Dowse's upper half was turned slightly toward the camera. Her full lips were slightly pursed and her eyes fired off a gaze most seductive as the picture was taken.

All the while, Dowse's left breast peeked out from the side, masked only by another small piece of neon green fabric.

Dowse's latest Instagram update predictably had her fanbase all hot and bothered, racking up over 21,000 likes and generating 500-plus comments in just over eight hours. And her admirers weren't shy about sharing their affection for the blond bombshell in a public forum.

"Bring the heat to Sydney no doubt," commented one fan, referring to Dowse's New South Wales, Australia, hometown.

"Really loving this pics," wrote another, echoing the opinions of the collective.

"Absolutely stunning x x x x," exclaimed another commenter.

As previously shared by The Inquisitr, Dowse sported the same neon green bikini set in a May 23 update. However, she brought the heat from a front view in that photo, for those looking for the complete picture of her body.