Nick Cordero Recently Suffered From A New Lung Infection, Wife Amanda Kloots Says ‘It’s Been A Tough Week’

Kloots said that the lung infection was what caused her husband to go 'downhill' earlier this week.

Nick Cordero attends HBO's premiere of "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown" at Time Warner Center on October 20, 2014 in New York City.
Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

Kloots said that the lung infection was what caused her husband to go 'downhill' earlier this week.

Nick Cordero’s battle with coronavirus has been full of ups and downs. Now his wife, Amanda Kloots, has revealed that a new lung infection was what caused her husband’s condition to “go downhill” last week, People reported. In an update on social media, Kloots acknowledged that it had been a hard few days for Cordero and herself.

“It’s been a tough week,” she said in the post.

She continued, explaining what had caused her husband’s condition to worsen.

“Nick suffered from some new lung infection in his lungs earlier this week,” she explained.

Since then, Kloots said that “he’s been slowly recovering” and “getting back to where he was before this infection came about.” Cordero was first admitted to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in late March for what his family believed was pneumonia. Prior to his most recent infection, Cordero had already been dealing with a lingering infection in his left lung. That infection developed after Cordero went into septic shock last month.

Now, Kloots said the goal for Cordero’s recovery is to take things slowly.

“We’re just hoping that he can come off some more medications and that his settings on machines can come down,” Kloots explained.

Kloots was referring to the ventilator that her husband is still on as a result of the infection. She said that she was hoping for “slow, steady, small wins” so that he can keep resting and recovering. Kloots added that she was incredibly proud of her husband for fighting the virus and for showing how strong he is.

“I’m exhausted if you can’t tell. Physically and emotionally and mentally exhausted. This has been the craziest ride ever but you know, we’re still here and we’re still fighting,” she continued.

Before she ended her update, Kloots encouraged those watching to hug their loved ones and tell them that they’re loved. She told them to do it for her and Nick, and reminded them to not take any time they have together for granted.

The latest update comes just days after Kloots posted a teary message in which she suggested that her husband’s condition was worsening. In that update, she said that Cordero, who had recently woken up from a medically induced coma, had had a bad morning.

Kloots also said that things were getting worse at the moment, and she asked her followers for their prayers in order to get through it. Thankfully, it seems that the Broadway star’s condition has improved substantially since then.