Slavoj Zizek Says Joe Biden Is 'Far From Ideal' But 'Better' Than Donald Trump

Famous communist thinker Slavoj Zizek appears to have endorsed Joe Biden for president of the United States, The Washington Examiner reported on Saturday.

"I think that, difficult as it is for me to say this, but now I would say, Biden better than Trump," the Slovenian philosopher said in an interview.

Zizek stressed that Biden was "far from ideal," but noted that the coronavirus pandemic has made him rethink his position on the 2020 presidential election.

"He is far from ideal, far from ideal, but you know, now, we don't have time to dream about this. Now, I think, again, our whole way of life is changing."
According to Zizek, President Donald Trump is not able to lead the United States as it grapples with the COVID-19 crisis. The philosopher argued that a more "rational" approach to politics is necessary in order to deal with the pandemic.

Zizek also expressed some optimism about the situation, saying that even though Trump does not seem to be up to task, some members of his administration are, which has rendered the president "irrelevant" as the federal government tries to handle the response to the coronavirus.

"The only thing that gives me some hope is that it seems to me -- don't you have this impression? -- that other people about Trump in the administration, nonetheless, pursue a more rational politics," he said.

As The Washington Examiner noted, Zizek is known to take contrarian positions. The Slovenian communist has been described as "the most dangerous philosopher in the West," and he endorsed Trump against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Zizek has discussed his controversial 2016 endorsement numerous times. In 2016, the philosopher argued that Trump would be better than Clinton because the American left -- led by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont -- could resurrect under a right-wing government. In a 2019 column for The Independent, the philosopher repeated the sentiment, arguing that Trump's presidency has breathed new life into populist movements on both the left and the right.

In the op-ed, Zizek argued that Trump's victory led to a "radicalization" of the Democratic Party, which could conceivably lead to the Sanders wing taking over the party and turning it into a left-wing organization. With Biden winning the nomination, that has not happened, and Zizek now appears to be calling for a more conservative approach to the 2020 election.

Polls suggest that Biden is ahead of Trump nationwide. A Fox News survey released earlier this week showed the former vice president polling at 48 percent, with Trump eight points behind.