Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Revealed That Daughter Felicity Has Soccer Skills Already

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's daughter Felicity is about to turn 2 years old on July 19, and according to her parents, she is already on her way to being a soccer star like her dad. In an interview with TLC that was posted to Facebook on Saturday, the stars of Counting On shared that the little girl loves to kick the ball around with Jeremy.

A video was also shown of the two outside in the family's backyard in Los Angeles, kicking the soccer ball. They had set up a couple of goal nets on each end of the yard. Jeremy appeared to be showing off the skills that he learned as a professional soccer player as he kicked goals and even did some tricks with the ball. At first, Felicity was seen squealing with delight as she watched everything her daddy was doing. She was jumping up and down, and clapping every time he kicked the ball into the net.

Jinger Duggar was the one filming it all. Viewers could hear her talking in the background, encouraging Felicity. The 32-year-old dad then let his daughter try her hand at kicking the ball herself. She finally got the hang of it and kicked the ball into the net. Jeremy excitedly picked her up to celebrate her victory.

Felicity had already been to a professional soccer game last year and she seemed entranced by it all. Fans are all for the Duggar granddaughter following in her dad's footsteps.

"Future soccer star like Jeremy her dad!" one Facebook user said.

"Can't wait until you share the first time Felicity kicks it over the wall!!" another fan said.

While playing soccer is something that daddy and daughter love to do together, the Vuolos have also started making their own family traditions lately. Jeremy recently indicated that he and Jinger take nightly walks with their daughter, starting something of a tradition in the process. They frequently share their walks on their social media accounts as well.

The reality stars also mentioned in the Facebook interview how much they love the outdoors and try to make sure that Felicity gets plenty of fresh air, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. If they aren't taking walks or playing soccer, the couple will let their daughter play in the pool.

As seen in previous posts, Felicity has a fascination with water, whether it's the ocean or a water toy.