May 25, 2020
Michie Peachie Trains Her Chiseled Quads And Glutes With Extreme Couch-Lifting Workout

Michie Peachie showed her Instagram followers that she isn't going to let gym closures stop her from lifting heavy.

In the most recent video series on her page, the fitness model found innovative ways to use a super-long resistance band -- and her couch -- as substitutes for weightlifting equipment.

Rocking a pink sports bra, a pair of shiny black shorts, and a powerlifting belt, Michie lay on her side underneath the large piece of furniture in the first video. With the resistance band wrapped around her waist and the couch, she pushed it upward with one leg, stretching the band as she did so.

In the second clip, she lay on her back beneath the couch, pushed it up with both legs, and then lowered it as she bent her knees.

The third video saw her switch to a shorter resistance band, which she placed only around her knees. She repeated the same exercise seen in the previous video, with her feet placed closer together.

Michie performed the same exercise in the final video of the series, but kept her feet spread wide as she did her couch lifts.

In her caption, she wrote that her gym would be closed for another two months because of the coronavirus pandemic. She also advised the use of protective belts for anyone attempting to lift a couch with their legs as she did.

In the comments, several of Michie's fans seemed very impressed by the way she leveled up her at-home workout.

"Got a make it happen! Quarantine or not, always crushing it," one person wrote.

Others wondered about the logistics of Michie's extreme couch lifting.

"Ok. I'm all by myself but how do I get off from the couch once I'm done. How do I start as well. Pls show us the start to finish. Thanks," a second commenter asked before including two crying-laughing emoji.

"But how do you get the couch up in the supine leg press position and down when done?" another Instagram user asked.

And a fourth fan shared an unusual reason for not wanting to try the workout.

"I can't do this one because I'm afraid of the dog hair that's collecting under the couch."

This is hardly the first time that Michie has incorporated household items into her at-home workout. In a previous circuit, she used yellow cushions as gliders for a routine that focused on the "side-booty."