‘One Piece’ Chapter 980 Spoilers, Recap: Is Queen Serious About Killing A Member Of The Flying Six?

One Piece features Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji.
NMH.illusion / Flickr (CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The latest chapter of One Piece manga featured the unexpected announcement of Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague. Upon learning of the presence of his former prisoners — Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Kid Pirates captain Eustass “Captain” Kid — in Onigashima, Queen told his subordinates that anyone who could capture the members of the Worst Generation would be given the opportunity to become a member of the Flying Six. Queen revealed that during the celebration of the Fire Festival, a seat in the Flying Six would be vacant as he’s planning to eliminate one of their members.

After hearing Queen’s announcement, all the Beast Pirates headliners and Gifters rejoiced with excitement and immediately prepared to take Luffy and Zoro down. On Air Pirates captain and Beast Pirates Headliner Scratchmen Apoo, who was the one that informed Queen about the presence of Luffy and Zoro, was quietly making a move, trying to catch the enemies off-guard. Like most members of the Beast Pirates, it was a dream of Apoo’s to become a member of the Flying Six, a step closer to becoming one of Emperor Kaido’s right-hand men.

It’s hard to gauge whether or not Queen is really serious about killing a member of the Flying Six. He might have only said those things to motivate their subordinates to catch Luffy and Zoro. When it comes to eliminating one of the Flying Six, one pirate immediately came to mind of most One Piece fans — X Drake.

X Drake may look loyal to Emperor Kaido, but he is actually spying on him and is really a captain of the Marine Secret Special Unit SWORD. So far, it remains a big question mark if Queen has already received information about X Drake’s real identity.

However, whether he likes it or not, Queen could really end up facing one of the members of the Flying Six in the ongoing banquet. While he was busy hosting the party at Onigashima, Emperor Kaido, Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire, and Beast Pirates All-Star Jack the Drought summoned all the members of the Flying Six — including X Drake, Page One, Ulti, Black Maria, Sasaki, and Who’s Who. King revealed that they wanted the Flying Six to help them deal with Emperor Kaido’s family problem.

Emperor Kaido wanted the Flying Six to find his son Yamato and bring him back to the banquet before he makes his huge announcement. The member of the Flying Six that would succeed with the mission would be given the chance to challenge one of King, Queen, and Jack — and if they win, they would take their seat as a Beast Pirates All-Star.