Jamal Adams Reportedly Not A Dallas Cowboys Trade Target, Despite Conflicting Reports

The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly not "in on" trade talks for New York Jets standout defender Jamal Adams, according to a post on Twitter by NFL insider Jane Slater. Slater said despite an apparent impasse between Adams and the Jets, her sources claim the Cowboys haven't had any real conversation about the defensive back.

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Adams is even on the trading block. It appears the players' representatives would like for the team to trade him if it doesn't plan on signing him to a long-term deal. Sources inside the Jets have told various reporters the team has every intention of giving Adams the kind of contract he's looking for; it just wants to move a bit slower in getting everything completed.

Much like the conflicting reports on whether Adams will be traded, there are also disagreements about the Cowboys having an interest. Another NFL insider, Gary Myers, wrote on Twitter on Friday that Jerry Jones was very interested in acquiring Adams.

"The latest just now from my Jamal Adams source: 'The Cowboys are seriously in play now that they confirmed the Jets want 1st and 3rd round picks for Adams.' 'Boys $5.6M under cap and need to get long-term deal done with Dak to lower his $31.4M franchise number to sign Adams."
RJ Choppy of 105.3 The Fan tweeted he had talked to former Cowboys great Michael Irvin. Irvin claimed he had a source who told him the Jets were looking for both first- and third-round picks in order to part with Adams.Myers pointing out that the Cowboys needing to make room in order to sign the defensive back could be the key to any trade talks. Their own negotiations with star quarterback Dak Prescott are moving so slowly, some sources have called it an impasse. Some reports claimed Prescott turned down a deal that would make him the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. Other rumors said he hasn't had any real talks with the Cowboys for over a month.

Even if the Cowboys did cut a new, long-term deal with Prescott, it would have to include deferred money to later in the deal as almost all the rumors about a new contract have said he'd earn $35 million or more annually.

Analysts around the NFL have said any team that could land him would be pleased to have Adams. He's entering his fourth season in the league in 2020. His first three years included two straight Pro Bowls and an All-Pro nod.