'RHOA' Star Kandi Burruss Shares Why She & NeNe Leakes Can't Get Along

Kandi Burruss explained what occurred before her explosive argument with NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Burruss recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight and shared the details between her rocky relationship with Leakes. As The Inquisitr previously shared, the two co-stars were involved in a heated exchange during the virtual taping of the Season 12 reunion. The fight caused Leakes to leave the reunion by logging off from her computer when the argument became too much for her to handle. Since then, they've made several remarks on social media, with Leakes calling Burruss "number two" in everything she does.

Although the fight between Burruss and Leakes escalated on camera, she said the scene was bound to take place at the reunion. Prior to filming, Leakes had called out a cast member for having multiple spinoffs on Bravo. While she didn't say who she was referring to, Burruss is the only Atlanta housewife who has a spinoff airing soon. She's also had multiple spinoff shows since joining RHOA in Season 2.

"We were cussing each other out, reading each other on the text messages," Burruss recalled.

"Just me and her, nobody else was involved in this -- just she and I, and I had just stopped responding to her at a certain point because I realized that this lady is really just gonna keep going back and forth with me on this text message, and we over here really being childish right now."
Following the text messages, Burruss said she predicted the topic would be brought back up at the reunion. However, she said she went in with the intention to match Leakes' energy the whole time.

"If she came crazy, I was gonna come crazy right back. So, that's basically what happened," Burruss shared.

After the scene with Burruss, several of the cast members went on to talk about several disagreements that took place during the season. As they were talking, Leakes' name came up on multiple occasions. Leakes then left after she was quietly sitting down for a few minutes. In the preview for part three of the reunion, Leakes is noticeably absent from the screen.

Burruss claimed that Leakes' exit had nothing to do with their fight. Instead, she said she left after her former friend Yovanna Momplaisr said teased that she would be joining the reunion on social media. During the season, Momplaisir was accused of having a recording of Cynthia Bailey speaking badly about Leakes. Momplaisir has said the recording doesn't exist, which Leakes denied.