Abby Rao Poses With A Skateboard While Wearing A String Bikini

Abby Rao uploaded four photos of herself wearing a bikini and holding a skateboard to her Instagram page on Saturday afternoon. She wore a string bikini and a cropped white tank top for the photo shoot, tagging filmmaker and photographer PIERSONX in her post.

In the first snap, Abby stood and peered at the camera from over the top of her cat-eye sunglasses. She held a teal skateboard behind her shoulders. Abby's tiny brown-striped bikini bra peeked out from beneath her tank top.

Her swimsuit barely contained her ample bust, resulting in the model's fans getting a glimpse of her underboob and one of her tattoos. Her toned belly was entirely on display, leading down to her equally revealing bikini bottoms, which showcased the swell of her hips and her toned thighs.

Aside from her sunglasses, Abby accessorized with a simple pendant necklace and a few rings. Her fingernails appeared to be sporting a fresh French manicure with oval-shaped tips.

For her makeup application, she seemed to opt for a face full of glam, choosing a matte shade of lipstick to make her lips look extra full.

It also appeared that the stunner had used white eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara on her almond-shaped eyes. She left her straight blond hair loose, letting it fall freely down either side of her center part.

In the second picture, she dropped down into a lunge position. She toyed with a long blond tendril while making a sultry facial expression toward the camera. With her skateboard propped up beside her, Abby looked effortlessly cool.

The camera also seemed to focus on her pristine white sneakers and matching socks. The third image was very similar to the second, except she pulled her sunglasses down into their proper position and changed her facial expression to something more intense.

Abby maintained the same position for the final frame. Her sunglasses were back on top of her head, and her expression was curious as she peered at something out of frame.

In her caption, Abby joked that her fans would question whether or not she actually knows how to skate.

The post proved to be very popular with her admirers. It had racked up over 25,000 likes and nearly 400 comments within 30 minutes of going live.

"Literally I was thinking does she even skate," joked one person.

"People wear Jordan's and don't play basketball so you gooooood lol," said another.

"Do you really skate? No, I'm kidding, thank you very much for all the pictures," a third Instagrammer wrote.