Dasha Mart Takes A Shower In A Blue Bikini With Long Strings

Dasha asked her fans to choose which photo of her bathing suit they liked best.

Dasha Mart takes a selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Dasha asked her fans to choose which photo of her bathing suit they liked best.

Dasha Mart treated her 1.9 million Instagram followers to a set of two tantalizing bikini photos on Saturday. The model was pictured getting soaking wet in an outdoor shower as long strings dangled down from her bathing suit bottoms.

Dasha’s photo shoot took place underneath a rain shower head that was mounted up high on a freestanding wall of dark wooden planks. Water gently fell on Dasha, making her flawless skin glisten. The barefoot model stood on a wooden platform connected to the towering wall.

The outdoor shower was located in a serene setting where Dasha was surrounded by verdant tropical plants and tall trees. The model’s geotag identified the location of her photos as the 1000 Palms Hideout in Miami, Florida.

Dasha rocked a vivid string bikini that featured color-blocking in two different shades of blue. One side of each of her triangle cups was an aqua hue, and the other was a darker azure shade. The model wore the scanty adjustable cups slightly scrunched in, which exposed a bit more of her abundant cleavage. Her top also featured braided back ties and a halter neck with small silver ring embellishments.

The ties on Dasha’s thong bottoms were also braided. Like her bathing suit, the plaited strings were two different colors. The segments of the strings that weren’t braided were unusually long, and they could be seen trailing down one of the model’s thighs. The ends reached her knees.

The first photo in Dasha’s slideshow offered a front view of the model from the thighs up. She had her left thumb hooked over the bottom string of her bikini top, and she was tugging it downwards. Her right elbow rested against the shower wall as she leaned into the falling water, allowing it to drench her body. However, her long blond hair was completely dry. She wore it pushed back behind her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, and she had a blissful expression on her face.

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1 or 2? ???? Photo @tropicpic Bikini @wizzluv

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Dasha’s second photo was taken from a distance away. It provided a peek at her peachy posterior and her long, lean legs. The model stood on her tiptoes, which lengthened her limbs even more. Dasha was photographed tugging on the left side of her bikini bottoms as she looked up at the shower head with a big smile on her face.

In the caption of her post, Dasha presented her admirers with a tough challenge by asking them to pick which one of her pictures that they preferred. Many of her followers simply couldn’t choose, and “both” was a popular response.

Dasha doesn’t have to share double-photo updates with her fans in order to please them. Her Instagram followers also seemed pretty happy with a solo shot of the model flaunting her curvy backside in a pair of cheeky black bottoms.