Krissy Cela Trains Her Upper Body In Strappy Green Sports Bra And Matching Leggings

Krissy Cela poses for a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela demonstrated an upper body workout in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Rocking dark green leggings and a matching sports bra with crisscrossed straps above the neckline, the British fitness trainer started the workout with a series of Arnold presses. Armed with two dumbbells, she pushed the weights upward, twisting her arms as she did so.

In the second clip of the series, Krissy moved on to a set of hammer curls. For this exercise, she held the weights vertically as she lifted them toward her shoulders, hinging the motion at her elbows.

A set of tricep extensions came next. For this exercise, Krissy held one weight over her head with both hands. She then slowly lowered and raised it.

The fourth clip saw her tackle a set of bent-over rows. As the name of the exercise implies, Krissy had to lean forward for this one. She held the weights diagonally so that they formed a “V” shape as she lifted them toward her chest. She kept her knees slightly bent throughout the set.

Krissy was lying on a yoga mat for the final exercise in the circuit, a set of reverse flys. She used smaller dumbbells for this move, which required her to slowly lift and lower the weights while keeping her elbows slightly bent

In her caption, she recommended doing 20 repetitions of each exercise. She wrote that each exercise should be performed one after the other and that the circuit should be completed four times.

Krissy also expressed a love for training her upper body but encouraged her fans not to focus all their attention on targeting one muscle group.

The post racked up over 16,000 likes in two hours and more than 150 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, fans praised Krissy’s exercise demonstrations.

“I love your workouts, omg,” one fan wrote before adding a trio of heart-eye emoji to their comment. “They burn so good.”

Others thanked her for consistently inspiring them to work out.

“I’m from The Philippines. You motivate me and I love all your workouts. God bless,” a second Instagram user added.

And one fan vouched for this circuit’s difficulty.

“I did this workout and my arms are dead today!!” they wrote. “Thank you!

There was one fan who made a request for a future workout video.

“GIRL can we get some upper body workouts without any weights,” a third Instagram user asked.

Krissy hasn’t responded to the comment, as of this writing.

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