Hilary Duff Responds To Twitter Users Who Say She Participated In Sex Trafficking By Posting A Clip Of Her Son

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On Saturday, Hilary Duff responded to accusations made on Twitter that she had participated in sex trafficking by posting a nude video of her son in her Instagram story, E News reported. Duff began trending on Twitter late Friday night and early Saturday morning after the 32-year-old actress posted a video clip on her Instagram stories that showed her 8-year-old son, Luca, nude.

According to E News, when Duff originally posted the clip on Instagram, the video was uncensored, leaving her son on full display. When an Instagram user pointed this out to Duff, she edited the clip by placing a sticker over her son’s sensitive parts.

However, Twitter got ahold of the original, uncensored clip and began ripping into Duff, E News reported. Several Twitter users said that Duff was disgusting for posting an uncensored nude video of her son on the Internet, and many went as far as to say that she was trafficking her own son. One Twitter user even said that the casual way that celebrities post naked photos of their children contributes to how difficult it is to prosecute celebrities for sex trafficking their own children.

Though there was a large contingent of Twitter users dragging Duff, even more came to her defense. Several Twitter users commented about how ridiculous the accusations were. Many added that they frequently posted naked pictures of their children on social media, censored and uncensored, and no one was accusing them of sex trafficking.

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E News stressed that there is absolutely no evidence to support the accusations that Duff is sex trafficking her own son or participating in sex trafficking in any way.

On Saturday afternoon, Duff took to Twitter to comment on the accusations.

“Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting….. whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone. Maybe get a hobby.”

Duff’s rep also released a statement about the accusations.

“Let me say this in the strongest terms, this is all a fabricated disgusting internet lie, created and perpetuated by trolls and idiots. Hilary’s own post this morning is all that needs to be said on the matter,” the statement read.

“Everyone who knows Hilary is fully aware what an amazing mom she is and that requires no further comment. If only people with this much time on their hands used their energy to solve real problems in the world.”

Duff has not made any further comments about the accusations.