Demi Rose Flaunts Underboob In Tiny ‘Over It’ Bodysuit For Instagram Post With A Message

Demi listed a few of the things that she's currently 'over.'

Demi Rose attends KISS Haunted house Party
John Phillips / Getty Images

Demi listed a few of the things that she's currently 'over.'

Demi Rose modeled a revealing bodysuit for an Instagram photo that she shared with her fans on Saturday, May 23. Her post included an uplifting message about overcoming negativity in life and remaining hopeful.

In her steamy snapshot, Demi was pictured draped over a mustard-yellow couch. The model wore an orange Fashion Nova bodysuit that clung to her famously curvaceous figure. The upper half of the garment resembled a tiny crop top that could barely contain Demi’s abundant cleavage. Her breasts spilled out of the bottom of the top, and she flashed even more underboob by posing with one arm lifted up.

Demi’s bodysuit had cap sleeves and a mock neck that kept most of her chest covered up. The words “Over it” were emblazoned on the garment in black letters.

The top half of the bodysuit was connected to its lower half by large silver rings. The bottom segment of the garment resembled a pair of bikini bottoms. The stretchy sides and front plunged down in a deep V. The lowest point of the dip hit the model right below the navel.

The leg openings of the bodysuit had a daring cut that left little to the imagination. The design highlighted the model’s curvy hips and voluptuous thighs. Demi’s ensemble also accentuated her tiny waist.

Demi’s brunette hair was styled in voluminous curls. Her glossy tresses were pushed over to one side so that they cascaded down one of her couch cushions. Demi’s head was turned to the side, and she was hiding her eyes from view by looking down. Her plump lips were slightly parted, and they looked like they were painted a glossy neutral pink hue. Demi appeared to have a dusting of pale pink eyeshadow on her eyelids, and she was rocking a winged eye.

Demi’s cute pet pooch was curled up beside her as the model arched her back and struck a seductive pose for the camera.

In the caption of her post, Demi listed a few things that she’s currently “over,” including people putting others down for the way they look. However, she’s trying to remain positive, loving, and optimistic about the future.

Demi’s photo racked up over 140,000 likes in short order, and her fans also took to the comments section to leave over 1,500 remarks about her post.

“I’m over being over it. I can’t wait to travel and live again,” model Bethany Lily April wrote.

“Always be proud of who you are. Never let anyone dull your shine,” read another response.

“I am also over feeling jealous of your dog!!!!” quipped a third commenter.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Demi’s fans also had an enthusiastic response to a photo of the model flaunting her cleavage in a revealing romper that she recently posted.