Kiki Passo Flaunts Her Cleavage In A Tight White Tank Top & Short Shorts

Kiki Passo uploaded a snap of herself rocking a tight white tank top and black booty shorts to Instagram on Saturday morning. The post appeared to be sponsored by Manscaped, as the brand name was emblazoned along the waistband of Kiki's shorts, and she held one of the company's trimmers in her hand.

In the sexy pic, the model wore a cropped tank top with a plunging neckline that exposed her cleavage, shapely shoulders, and toned arms. The bright white fabric contrasted sharply against her tanned skin. Her shirt gave way to several bare inches of her flat tummy.

On her lower half, Kiki rocked form-fitting black shorts that clung to her curvy hips and narrow waist in addition to showcasing her slim thighs. She accessorized with a layered gold Chanel logo necklace and a couple of silver bracelets. It looked like she had a hairband wrapped around her opposite wrist.

To pose for the picture, Kiki leaned against a countertop while gazing at something out of frame with a small smile on her face. It looked like she was posing in a bathroom as there was a sink visible behind her and a mirror hanging on the wall above it. Also present on the counter was an open newspaper and a small black bag with additional products situated in front of it.

The stunner styled her hair with a side part before letting the lightly tousled blond waves cascade down her backside. She opted for a minimal makeup look to compliment her simple black-and-white attire. It seemed like she paid the most attention to her eyes, which looked to be sporting a heavy application of eyeliner and mascara. She may have also used bright pink blush to tinge her cheeks with a rosy hue.

In her caption, Kiki joked that she would not date a man who looked like "chewbacca down there." She also shared a discount code with her 1.1 million followers.

Kiki's fans seemed to love her post. It earned more than 15,600 likes and over 100 comments within the first hour of being shared.

University of Miami quarterback Tate Martell, the 23-year-old's boyfriend, also commented on the pic.

"Can't get tate looking like chewbacca down there*," he teased.

"Great picture of you girl you look so great," raved one admirer.

"Everyone loves Chewie great picture," joked another, adding a few flame emoji to their comment.

"Wow you're absolutely stunning," chimed in a third fan.