Bill Maher Says Trump Supporters Are 'Ready To Be Angry' About 'Obamagate,' But Don't Know What It Is

Bill Maher opened his Friday show by talking about how excited Donald Trump supporters are to embrace Obamagate. The comedian added, according to a report by Raw Story's Sarah K. Burris, they Trump supporters still need to find out what the former president did, however.

"What a scandal," Maher quoted Trump as saying. "Yes, already losing steam, this scandal, because it lacks that crucial ingredient that most scandals need to have: an allegation. Trump fans are all ready to be all angry about this but they don't know what it is!"

The late-night host added that even Glenn Beck has Obamagate on his famous board, but it just says "To Be Determined." Maher added that Trump's Obamagate's claims are obviously an attempt by the president to change the subject. The comedian credited the politician as being a master of diversion, having already used distraction as a political technique throughout his presidency.

Maher said Trump wants to change the subject to his predecessor because the government doesn't have much of a plan when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. During another part of his opening monologue, Maher cited the fact that all 50 states are at least beginning the process of opening back up. The reopening is going forward despite a lack of a consistent plan, according to Maher.

Maher compared the way the US is ending the coronavirus shutdown to the country's approach to Afghanistan. This time around, the comedian suggested, there's "no entrance strategy."

Obamagate is a slogan Trump and his supporters rallied around after criminal charges against former Director of National Intelligence Michael Flynn were dropped by Attorney General William Barr's justice department. Shortly after the move, conservative commentators and activists pointed to a report of "unmasking" of Flynn by Obama administration officials.

While Trump has called Obamagate a "great crime," The Inquisitr previously reported that Barr went on the record shortly after the situation started to say that he didn't believe his department would file charges against Obama. Trump said he was surprised by that announcement. At least one political analyst also said he believes the Obamagate attacks will backfire on Trump.

During his monologue, Maher mentioned other instances he believed Trump was employing distraction. The comedian pointed to the president taking hydroxychloroquine as one example.

"First he said, let's try drinking household disinfectant, now he's on this sh*t, today Vladimir Putin said, 'I hope I don't have to poison this mother f*cker, I don't think we have anything strong enough,'" Maher joked.