Britney Spears Takes On A TikTok Dance Challenge In A Bikini & Sam Asghari Bounces His Pecs

Britney Spears and her boyfriend, fitness model Sam Asghari, kicked off the weekend by having some fun in the sun. The couple wished their fans a happy Friday in a video that Britney shared on her Instagram page, and viewers were delighted when Britney attempted a TikTok dance challenge while wearing a bikini. Instead of joining her, Sam gave the viral craze his own unique spin by making his chest do a little dance.

Britney's video was filmed outside her home near her pool. She was wearing an aqua string bikini that included a classic triangle top. Her bottoms were the low rise style that the singer usually favors, and they tied on the sides. Britney also wore a pair of sneakers with bright orange shoelaces and tall tube socks, which she mentioned in the caption of her post.

The sunlight was blindingly bright, so Britney protected her eyes by wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses with tortoise-shell frames. Her other accessories included her white puka shell necklace and black ribbon choker. The singer was wearing her blond hair pulled up.

Sam was shirtless, and his bottoms never made an appearance in the video. He was also rocking a pair of stylish shades, a pair of aviators with wireframes.

"Happy Friday, everybody!" Britney said into the camera as she held it out in front of her.

"Happy Friday, everyone. I hope everyone has a great Friday, and most of all, don't forget to dance," Sam added.

The personal trainer then took the phone away from his grinning girlfriend so that she could show off her newest dance move.

"Show them how to dance, baby," Sam said.

While Britney has an impressive library of hit songs that fans love watching her dance to, the tune she chose for her performance was "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd. Britney was trying her hand at a TikTok craze that involves doing simple River Dance-style choreography to the beat of the synth-pop song. Britney hopped up and down as she kicked one leg out to the side and in front of the other leg, keeping it straight so that it looked a bit like a swinging pendulum. She then switched legs.

"Okay baby, now show them what you can do," Britney said after she performed the move a few times.

Instead of moving his feet, Sam flexed his glistening pecs to the beat of the music.

"This is the only dance move I know. It's this, and it won't stop," Sam said.

As of this writing, Britney and Sam's exuberant video has racked up over 200,000 likes from fans of the cute couple.

"Icons, both of you!" one admirer enthused.

"The best couple ever! Sam is the best man for you, Britney!" another fan enthused.

This isn't the first time Britney has impressed her fans by dancing to another performer's song. She recently performed a freestyle routine to "July" by Noah Cyrus.