May 23, 2020
Mackenzie McKee Pushes Back: 'Teen Mom' Didn't Say Estranged Husband Josh Was 'Cheating,' She Insists

Mackenzie McKee of Teen Mom doesn't want people to make any assumptions regarding what prompted her to end her marriage. The mom of three announced earlier this week that she was done for good this time, and she took to Twitter on Friday evening to add some clarity and context.

Earlier this week, Mackenzie shared a post on social media telling Teen Mom fans that her marriage to Josh was over again. This is not the first time the two have separated, but she insists there will be no reconciliation this time. She explained that she had learned that Josh was in very close contact with her cousin, Ashley, someone to whom she was quite close.

Mackenzie said that once she looked at Josh's call and text logs, she saw one number pop up hundreds of times -- and she felt that this was "obviously another affair." Now, however, Mackenzie expressed via Twitter that she is taking issue with the wording some others are using in reference to the news.

"I never used the word 'banging' or 'cheating' please stop stalking and digging for relatives and invading privacy. Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me and to me that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away. Now let's all move along," Mackenzie tweeted.

When one person replied to Mackenzie's tweet -- noting her earlier phrasing of how this was obviously another affair -- the Teen Mom added a bit more.

"They refuse to call it that. But I do think an emotional affair is a thing. I do not go to men for marital advice. Unless a counselor," Mackenzie said.

Someone else questioned whether this was the whole story, thinking that there must have been more. The Teen Mom star wrote that to her, this situation with Josh and her cousin was a big deal, and Mackenzie noted it was being done behind her back. Mackenzie also seemed to believe that Josh was telling Ashley more than he should have been.

It looks like Teen Mom fans have a variety of opinions on this situation, particularly now that Mackenzie says that it was an emotional, not a physical, affair. In her original social media post, she detailed that many of the hundreds of contacts between Josh and Ashley took place in the wee hours of the morning -- or when he'd told his wife he was fishing.

Whether Teen Mom fans agree with her decision or not, Mackenzie made her stance clear on Twitter. Will she permanently end this marriage to Josh? Fans will certainly be keeping tabs on her social media posts to see what comes next.