Kirsten Storms Gushes Over ‘General Hospital’ Co-Star Wes Ramsey

Wes Ramsey and Kirsten Storms play Peter and Maxie on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

The General Hospital characters of Maxie Jones and Peter August have fallen in love on-screen, and it seems that the love continues off-screen too. Actress Kirsten Storms just shared some insight on how she feels about working with Wes Ramsey, and it’s clear that these two enjoy this partnership.

Show fans have typically been pretty critical of both Wes and his character of Peter. In real life, Wes has been dating Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) for quite some time, and that connection seemed central to the actor coming on to portray this new character. That tidbit has held some viewers back from embracing the character.

When Maxie’s husband Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was killed, and Peter was connected with that death, it didn’t take long for viewers to see that writers planned to build a romance. It has been fairly slow-moving, but now Peter and Maxie are living together. In fact, it appears that she’s about to learn that she’s pregnant.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest celebrating her 15th anniversary with General Hospital, Kirsten was asked about working with Wes. Those who follow Kirsten’s real-life antics know that she is best friends with Emme Rylan (Lulu Falconeri). However, Wes seemingly ranks high on her list of beloved co-stars as well.

“Outside of Emme, Wes is the best scene partner I’ve ever had,” Kirsten details.

Kirsten says that she is something of a free spirit on the General Hospital set, whereas Wes approaches work quite seriously. However, she thinks that they balance one another quite well.

“He’s a classically trained actor and I feel like I’m in the presence of somebody who really knows what they’re doing,” the soap star says.

The actress says she loves how the writers built up this romance. She knows that fans were hesitant because Peter is Nathan’s brother. However, she ultimately feels that it was very sweet how Maxie and Peter’s relationship developed.

Peter is hiding some massive secrets he is desperate to keep Maxie from learning. Once he learns that she’s pregnant with his child, it seems likely that he’ll be more desperate than ever to keep a tight hold on the life he has now.

According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Maxie will be struggling to pick up the pieces of her life down the road. That seems to suggest that eventually, Maxie will learn the truth about Peter, and now it seems that there will be a baby caught up in all of it too.

Based on what Kirsten says, she and Wes will have a good time sinking their teeth into this storyline as it develops. From the sounds of things, General Hospital viewers will have quite the ride ahead of them when the show is able to return again with new episodes.