Ainsley Rodriguez Rocks Black Sports Bra And Red Shorts For New Workout Video

Ainsley Rodriguez snaps a selfie
Ainsley Rpdriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez gave fans a new dose of workout motivation on Friday via the latest video series on her Instagram page. In the shared clips, the Miami-based fitness model rocked a black sports bra and snug red shorts for a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Ainsley started the routine by holding the squat position for an extended period of time. She followed this set with a series of wide-legged low squats and squat jumps.

In the fourth clip of the series, Ainsley moved on to doing up-downs. These required her to start by briskly jogging in place with her legs spread apart and her torso leaned forward. Then she lowered her body to the ground and quickly got back up to repeat the exercise.

Ainsley moved on to lunge pulses after that, and then tackled a series of reverse lunges. The latter exercise required her to take large steps backward before she bent both knees. She performed a set of lunge jumps next, which were followed by high knees.

Finally, in the ninth video of the series, Ainsley got into the plank position for an exercise that required her to alternate placing her elbows on the ground before pushing herself back up into the plank.

In her caption, Ainsley recommended doing each move for 15 seconds, and taking an equally long break before starting the next one. The entire sequence should be done eight times, per her advice.

The post quickly racked up more than 12,000 likes, and more than 250 Instagram users commented on it. In those comments, some fans called Ainsley their fitness inspiration.

“Always a great motivation,” one person wrote before adding three heart-eyed emoji to their comment.

Others wrote of their plans to attempt the workout she demonstrated.

“I’ll be doing this at home knowing our gyms did not open today,” another Instagram user added.

But a third commenter seemed intimidated by one of the moves Ainsley included in her circuit.

“Those up downs look brutal,” they wrote.

A fourth fan complimented Ainsley’s physical attractiveness.

“Omg, you are so unbelievably hot and sexy Ainsley amazing body gorgeous eyes beautiful smile sexy legs amazing booty I hope all is well with you.”

Fans are likely used to seeing Ainsley perform intense home workouts on Instagram. In a previous video series, she rocked a bikini for an ab workout and used an extremely long yellow resistance band for most of her moves.