WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly ‘Preparing For Future Without’ Top Superstar

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Roman Reigns hasn’t appeared on WWE television since before WrestleMania 36. The superstar was scheduled to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship at the event, but he withdrew at the last minute to remain at home with his family during the pandemic. There is no telling when the former World Champion will return to action, either, and the company’s creative team has reportedly been instructed to forget about him.

As documented by Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue, Reigns’ uncertain status means that the company isn’t making plans for him. Colohue’s source revealed that this doesn’t mean that the superstar will be released, but that WWE’s creative team is adjusting to the reality of the situation.

“This doesn’t mean he is leaving the company. This doesn’t mean he has been released. It just means that for the foreseeable future, the creative team have been told, ‘don’t expect Roman Reigns back,’ and as such, they are writing storylines with that in mind. Doesn’t mean they can’t make a sudden change as they have done in the past, but it does mean, at least for a little while, we can expect to not see Roman Reigns on our TV screens.”

Reigns is seemingly in no rush to return to the company. The superstar has stated that he misses wrestling, but for now he’s 100 percent focused on doing right by his family. He recently became a father again, and he doesn’t want to put their health at risk.

Due to Reigns’ previous battles with leukemia, he’s more susceptible to picking up infections due to his depleted immune system. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll return to action while the coronavirus pandemic is still a widespread concern.

Roman Reigns enters the arena

However, Reigns deciding to take some time off has reportedly led to the superstar getting some backstage heat. His name has rarely been mentioned on WWE television since he went on his hiatus, and footage of him has been removed from highlights packages. It’s almost as if WWE is trying to make fans forget about him.

Of course, this could also be the company’s way of thinking ahead, so that his eventual return is more welcomed. It’s no secret that WWE wants to push Reigns as a top babyface, but the crowd reaction to him is often polarizing.

The Reigns situation is one of the biggest mysteries in the wrestling community at the moment, and until he’s back in action, his future will undoubtedly be the source of all kinds of speculation.