Charly Jordan Plays It Cheeky In Vivacious New Video Clip

It may not officially be summer in the U.S. right now, but the heat has already arrived in various parts of the country and model, DJ, and Instagram sensation Charly Jordan is clearly ready to soak up the sun's rays. In the latest update to her popular Instagram feed, the Clubhouse Beverly Hills hottie shared a particularly cheeky video for her 3.1 million followers.

The post, which hit Instagram on May 22, featured a short clip of a bikini-clad Jordan flaunting her sizzling assets while sun-bathing. The footage is so sumptuous, one could be forgiven for entirely missing the baby-blue, vintage-style bicycle in the background, which was adorned with decorative flowers.

For the duration of the less than five-second clip, Jordan laid on her tummy with a large towel resting between her tight body and the bright, green grass below it. As a result, her tempting backside was propped up toward the sun. Its curves and contours were revealed almost in their entirety, as a salmon-colored thong with ultra-thin, white straps provided the only coverage.

Jordan criss-crossed her feet as she folded her lower legs back and moved them above her slender thighs and booty.

The 21-year-old looked to be wearing a skimpy bikini top that matched her revealing bottom piece, however her long blond hair obscured much of the garment as its strands flowed across her back. As she moved ever so slightly and touched her fingers to the sun-kissed skin of her arm, Jordan kept her gaze firmly affixed to the camera's lens.

While the full scope of her body made the scene a particularly steamy affair, it was her inviting expression that sent the sizzle factor into overdrive. As she moved her head around in the clip, an impish smile remained on her face and her eyes popped seductively.

Her sultry video update was a quick hit with her admirers, receiving nearly 200,000 views in less than an hour. Fans further voiced their admiration to the tune of 500 comments in that same span.

"CHARLY I LOVE U SO MUCH," one fan wrote passionately in all-caps.

"It certainly is," commented another, referencing Jordan's accompanying caption.

As ever, Jordan has showed herself to be a true Instagram maven in addition to her various other pursuits. As reported by The Inquisitr on May 16, she recently delighted her admirers with a steamy lingerie pictorial while "going green." That post proved to be popular as well, earning over 445,000 likes to date.