Nastia Liukin Flaunts Her Long Legs In Tiny Red Shorts For Workout With Venus Williams

Nastia and Venus chatted as they did a virtual workout together.

Nastia Liukin holds her award after being inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame and Venus Williams hosts an immersive experience presented by American Express Travel at the Greenwich Hotel
Michael Ciaglo / Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Nastia and Venus chatted as they did a virtual workout together.

Nastia Liukin and Venus Williams worked out together virtually, and the incredible athletes both dressed stylishly for their sweat session. On Thursday, Venus shared a video of their workout on her Instagram page. As they exercised, the two women also enjoyed a friendly chat about their respective sports and their Olympic experiences.

Nastia wore a textured, all-red ensemble that included a pair of skintight athletic shorts with a high waist. The tiny bottoms’ lower hemlines skimmed the tops of the gymnast’s thighs. The super-short design perfectly showcased her long, lean legs. Nastia’s matching crop top had a deep V-neck, thick shoulder straps, and a racerback.

Venus also wore a tight crop top. Her athletic top was gray with a panel of white breathable mesh in the center. The garment had a wide band underneath the bust, a high neckline, and thin spaghetti straps placed near the neck. The straps crossed in an X shape in the back. Her bottoms were a pair of matching cropped leggings with white mesh panels on the sides.

Both women wore accessories with their workout wear. Nastia rocked a gold charm necklace, while Venus sported a pair of large gold hoop earrings.

Venus led the workout from a shady area outdoors, while Nastia followed along inside her home in Dallas. Before they began, Venus informed her viewers that the workout was focused on abs and “peaches.” Nastia told the tennis champ that her core is actually something that she’s always had to work on, saying that flexibility, not strength, is her strong suit.

The women started with an ab burnout series that included side planks with rotations, planks with toe touches, and roll-ups. Nastia used water bottles in lieu of weights to make the roll-ups slightly more challenging.

Next up was a glute series that began with a set of butterfly bridges. This was followed by single-leg bridge kicks and angled single-leg lifts while in the bridge position. The women then did a donkey kick variation. They got down on all fours but kept their knees off the ground while performing the exercise.

For the final series, they worked their obliques by doing a few different variations of side crunches. They began by keeping their legs straight, then they added knee lifts and straight-leg lifts, first with the top leg, then with the bottom.

While they were talking, Nastia told Venus that her dad is an avid tennis player and he tried to teach her the sport. However, he was already her gymnastics coach and she got “frustrated” when he began trying to coach her in something else.

The women kept the topic of their conversations focused mostly on sports and working out, but Nastia isn’t just passionate about staying in shape. The gymnast is also a fashion enthusiast, and she can often be seen modeling stylish swimwear on her Instagram page.