Julia Rose Wears Just Bikini Bottoms & Jokes About A Free Shirt

Julia Rose shared a hot new photo to her Instagram page today, and the model struck her signature pose as she went topless for the occasion. She rocked only a pair of white bikini bottoms, and she joked about a shirt that fans could get "100% off" in the caption.

She posed standing in front of a camera straight-on and gave a sultry pout with her lips open. She placed her right hand on her chest and attempted to censor herself, although she left little to the imagination and her nipples peeked through. She left her other hand by her side and stood with her feet slightly apart.

Julia's bikini bottoms were white with extra-long side ties that rested high on her hips as the excess string fell down the side of her thighs. Her extremely dark tan was hard to miss, especially as it contrasted dramatically against her light bikini bottoms.

She wore her hair down in a casual middle part and her blond highlights framed her face. She sported a heavy makeup application that appeared to include white and purple eye shadow, long dark lashes, lots of blush, and glossy light pink lipstick. There were no visible pieces of jewelry in sight, although her soft pink manicure added to her flirty look.

The indoor pool that she was in was large, and it looked like she stood in the shallow end. Very high ceilings could be seen overhead, and a large plant was visible in the corner of the room.

The update has garnered over 197,800 likes in the first hour since it went live with many of her followers taking to the comments section to share their rave reviews.

"You are just stunning!" gushed a fan.

Others referred to her caption.

"Your captions are always [fire]," declared a second admirer, using two fire emoji to make their point.

"What code gets a response from you?" asked a third devotee, apparently hoping for a response from the model.

"Turning on notifications was the smartest thing I've ever done," declared another supporter.

The stunner flaunted her curves in another update a couple of days ago and asked fans "truth or dare" in the caption. She stood with her back angled toward the camera and wore a pair of minuscule white shorts that had a high cut in the back that left her derriere bare. She wore her hair in a high ponytail and glanced over her left shoulder with her lips slightly parted in a coy manner.