Kylie Jenner's Curves Are On Full Display In Tempting Poolside Pic

Media personality, self-made billionaire, and Instagram star Kylie Jenner enjoyed a little fun in the sun recently and shared a steamy poolside picture via her latest IG update. And while summer 2020 won't officially begin until the solstice occurs on June 20, the bikini pic may just provide the perfect jump-start for the season of sizzle.

Jenner's Instagram post, which went live on May 22, featured a sexy snapshot of the 22-year-old model in a green bikini ensemble that managed to quickly thrill her 177 million followers on the platform. The skimpy two-piece set added some mystery to her striking visage, while also allowing her famous curves to take center stage.

Jenner sat poolside in the photo, with her legs resting in the cool water to escape the heat. With one hand resting on the pavement beside her and the other placed conspicuously between her legs, she leaned back slightly, catching the sunlight with her chest, as well as the right side of her face.

Although her eyes were closed, the lighting provided a beautiful contrast for the reality star's unblemished, olive-toned skin and long brown hair.

While a significant portion of Jenner's bust was covered by her tight top, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star managed to display just enough cleavage to add an extra spark to the spread. Just below the top, her bare midriff and navel were left fully exposed above her matching bottom piece.

The curves created by her waist, hips, and signature Kardashian derriere were as prominent as ever in the lower half of the photo frame to round out the scene.

As one would expect from an account that ranks among the top 10 most followed on Instagram, Jenner's poolside spread achieved legitimate viral status within minutes of hitting the platform. After just 30 minutes online, the post had racked up more than 2 million likes and inspired over 12,000 comments.

"That's why I'm green gang," wrote one admirer.

"I love you soo much queen," read a comment from an unofficial Kylie fan account.

"Her body pose looks like posh babe daydreaming," opined another commenter, adding a slew of emoji as well.

Although the various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan dominate Instagram feeds on a daily basis, Kylie has set herself apart from the rest with a slew of steamy posts. As reported by The Inquisitr, she sizzled in a May 21 update while posing in a white bodysuit and matching boots.