Meadow Walker Shares Video Of Kaia Gerber Wearing A Bikini And Playing A Singing Bowl

Meadow Walker treated her Instagram followers to a peaceful video of Kaia Gerber showing off a hidden talent on Thursday. Kaia played a singing bowl as she flaunted her fit figure in a teeny mismatched bikini.

It was unclear whether Meadow, 21, and Kaia, 18, were together when the video was filmed. However, the two women are close friends, and they have quite a bit in common. In addition to both being models with massive social media followings, they both have famous parents. Meadow's father is the late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, and Kaia's mother is supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Kaia showed off some of the excellent genetics that she inherited from her mom in Meadow's clip. She was wearing a pair of black bikini bottoms with high-cut leg openings and a mid-rise waist that showcased her flat midsection.

Kaia paired her plain bottoms with a pretty powder blue string bikini top that had a satin finish. The silky garment featured skinny string ties around the neck and back and small silver ring embellishments. She wore the top's triangle cups pulled far apart, highlighting her perky cleavage and flawless decolletage. The top almost looked like it had been color-coordinated with the pale blue cast on the model's right arm.

Kaia has revealed that a "little accident" was to blame for her arm injury. She was also wearing a bikini when she first took to Instagram to show off her cast.

Kaia completed her sun-ready ensemble with a straw hat. She sat cross-legged on a cushioned lounger, which appeared to be located on a shaded patio. A metal singing bowl had been placed next to her, and Kaia used a thick wooden wand to make the object emit a sustained ringing tone. She placed the wand against the rim of the bowl and twisted her wrist to make it circle over and over again, keeping the speed of her movement nice and steady.

Kaia's eyes were initially focused on the bowl beside her as she seemingly concentrated on what she was doing. However, she eventually looked up at the camera and flashed a big smile at whoever was filming her.

Meadow expressed her love for Kaia in the caption of her Instagram post, and Kaia responded to the video share in the comments section.

"Sound baths for everyone when quarantine is over," she wrote.

The meditative clip was a big hit with Meadow's followers, who have liked it over 41,000 times since it was initially posted.

"This is so calming I've watched it 20 times," wrote one fan.

"Amazing, love that soothing sound," another comment read.

"So much of social media is most toxic to the third eye, and this was so wonderful to stumble across," a third fan remarked. "Thank you."