Laci Kay Somers Unzips Her Top For Sexy Selfie

Laci Kay Somers teased her 10.7 million Instagram followers on Friday, May 22, posting a sultry snapshot on her Instagram story that showcased her ample assets.

The 28-year-old model looked at the camera with wide, arctic-blue eyes. She tilted her head slightly, puckering her plump pout. Her lips were slightly parted, showing off a hint of her pearly white teeth.

Laci sported a navy blue hoodie with white piping. The open zipper came down past her chest, flaunting her voluptuous bust and plunging cleavage. Her chest was the focal point of the sizzling snap.

She wore a carnation-pink beanie that covered her head, stretching across her forehead and obscuring her roots.

Laci used an Instagram filter for the image, an effect that gave her thick-rimmed tortoise shell glasses and round, light brown animal ears. The ears stuck out of the beanie. The filter gave her a tiny animal nose. It also made her skin silky smooth and made her eyes appear even bigger.

The spectacles offset her eyes, and made them sparkle and seem an even deeper blue than normal.

Her long, icy blond locks slid down her shoulders in soft waves. Her tresses curved over her chest and ended beyond the frame. Her platinum hair featured pockets of gray hues.

Laci's light brown brows arched high over her eyes, just peeking over the rims of her glasses. They looked to be shaped, groomed, and filled in with pencil.

She appeared to wear a light pink eyeshadow on her lids. Her feathery lashes fanned out and curled upward in a dramatic fashion, nearly hitting her brow bone. Her lashes particularly swept outward in the corners of her eyes, and, when combined with the appearance of a swipe of black liner on her lids, gave her a cat-eye effect.

It seemed as if she wore a gray liner on her waterline. Her lower lashes appeared to be coated with black mascara.

Her cheeks looked as if they were brushed with a warm pink blush, as well as dusted with bronzer. Her lips appeared to be filled in with a frosty pink gloss.

Laci Kay Somers is no stranger to posting risqué shots on her Instagram.

Recently, she shared a video of herself wearing a skimpy orange bikini as she danced around.

Previously, she posted a Boomerang clip to her Instagram story that featured her posing in a lacy black bodysuit that flaunted some serious skin.