Andy Cohen Reveals He Passed Down His Son's Baby Clothes & His Nanny's Number To Anderson Cooper

Andy Cohen says he has passed his son Ben's hand-me-downs to new dad Anderson Cooper.

Less than a month after the CNN anchor made the surprise announcement that he welcomed a son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper, via a surrogate, his Bravo host bestie revealed he helped him style his son and provided him with the perfect nanny.

Cohen, who welcomed Ben last year, told Entertainment Tonight that he has only seen little Wyatt from afar due to the coronavirus pandemic. He added, however, that he has been able to pass over some baby clothes to him. In fact, proud papa Cooper is waiting for Ben to outgrow his stuff so Wyatt can score more of his stylish outfits when he's done with them.

"[Wyatt] is wearing all of Ben's hand-me-downs, and he's got a great wardrobe ready for him," Cohen said. "It is so funny because I just sent Anderson a picture of Ben in his pajamas this morning, and I said, 'Do you like these?' He goes, 'I love them, I can't wait!'"

The Watch What Happens Live host also revealed that he even gave his nanny's contact information to Cooper, adding that his nanny works for the AC360 host as well. Cohen, who added that he's hoping to have a second child of his own, also said Cooper is a great dad and is exactly as he thought he would be as a father.

During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (via YouTube), Cooper also talked about how much his more experienced friend is helping him out as he navigates first-time fatherhood.

"He's actually really helped me because my son is entirely wearing hand-me-downs from Andy Cohen's son," the CNN journalist said.

Cooper admitted that he hates shopping and wasn't sure how or where to buy baby clothes online.

"Do you go to Buy Buy Baby or Amazon? I don't know! It just seemed weird, so [Andy] just gave me all the clothes."
Of course, one thing Cohen probably won't be passing down is a very special baby gift he received from a famous friend last year. He previously dished that Sir Elton John sent Ben a Gucci shirt-and-shorts set when he was born, per Entertainment Tonight.

While they already share a nanny and baby clothes, the children will probably also share a lot of memories as they grow up together. Cohen has already predicted that the two little boys will grow up to be best friends.