'General Hospital' Flashback Friday Preview: Luke Spencer Looks Back On His Childhood

Friday's episode of General Hospital is another flashback encore show, and this one will focus on the iconic character of Luke Spencer. This special show incorporated flashbacks to key moments in Luke's childhood, and this should be a fantastic episode for viewers to revisit.

Last week, the 55th anniversary episode revolving around Mike was shown for the encore Friday show. This week, SheKnows Soaps indicates that it is the 52nd-anniversary episode that will air on ABC. This one debuted on April 1, 2015.

That episode showed Luke paying a visit to the old Spencer home. As SheKnows Soaps detailed when it originally aired, a young Luke appeared and he was chastised by his mother for being late to get home after a ballgame.

Luke's sisters, Bobbie and Pat, arrived, soon followed by their father, Tim. During dinner, Tim ranted about various things, and he eventually slapped Pat when she defended Luke.

Viewers will notice that actress Chloe Lanier played Patricia during this episode. Chloe currently plays Nelle, and has since the character was introduced. However, she first joined General Hospital to appear as a young Patricia.

As the episode continued, a present-day group of Tracy, Lulu, and Bobbie asked Patricia to tell them what had happened all those years ago. They wanted to know what happened then that impacted what Luke had become, and Pat told them about the tragedy that took place exactly 52 years prior.

Bobbie talked about that being the day that their father left and their mother died. That tense dinner was the setting for what went down as Tim hit Pat for standing up to him. Soon, Tim turned to their mom, Lena, with his rage.

Bobbie talked about her memory of what happened that night, but then Pat shared what she knew had truly gone down. The story then was that Tim beat Lena badly, and Pat took her mother to General Hospital. The doctors were unable to save Lena, so Pat said goodbye to her in the hospital.

Tim got the call at the house about Lena's death and supposedly told a young Luke that it was the hospital's fault. By the time Pat and her cousin, Bill, got back to the Spencer home, Luke was crying in a corner as Tim lay dead nearby.

As Pat walked Bobbie, Lulu, and Tracy through the reality of what happened, they learned that Luke was at that old house. They went over there and soon the truth about what really happened that fateful night emerged.

In reality, Luke had accidentally hit his mother with a baseball bat as she was trying to protect him from Tim. When Tim got the call about her death, he tore into Luke and said he'd killed his own mother. This prompted Luke to explode, beating his father to death with the bat.

Luke didn't remember killing his father or accidentally killing his mother, but it all came back at this point. He sobbed as he realized what had happened and he was surrounded by his loved ones who did their best to console him.

During the week ahead, all of the flashback episodes of General Hospital will be connected to prior Nurses Balls. Viewers will not get new episodes for a while, but there should be some fantastic, juicy developments playing out once the regular schedule can start up again.