WWE News: Bobby Lashley Shares Real Thoughts On Rusev Following Controversial Love Triangle Storyline

Bobby Lashley kisses Lana

Bobby Lashley recently sat down with TalkSport and discussed a variety of topics. During the interview, he discussed his real thoughts on Rusev and what it was like to work with the former WWE superstar, despite the nature of their storyline.

In the storyline, Lashley had an affair with Lana, who is Rusev’s wife in real life. The angle saw Lashley and Lana featured in some risque segments, including kissing and massage sessions.

Throughout the rivalry, Lashley got the better of Rusev during most of their confrontations. However, Rusev eventually became an afterthought when Liv Morgan returned to television and confessed her love for Lana. “The Bulgarian Brute” was taken off television shortly after, and he was released from his contract back in April.

Some fans and pundits felt the storyline was disrespectful to Rusev, but Lashley had fun working with him. According to him, both superstars get along very well, and he expects Rusev to do very well in his post-WWE career.

“Rusev is an incredible talent. I loved working with him, [a] great guy across the board. I don’t know what transpired with that — with him leaving — don’t really know. But if it’s back with the WWE or wherever he goes, he’s going to be a superstar. The guy is a superstar.”

Bobby Lashley and Lana stand in the WWE ring

Lashley also shared some praise for Lana. He revealed that she’s also very talented and will shine in every storyline she’s a part of. He also revealed that he doesn’t know what the future holds for their storyline relationship, as he is currently involved in an alliance angle with MVP.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Rusev supposedly didn’t have any problems with the storyline either. According to his friend Sheamus, he loved being the center of attention and understood that the storyline was nothing more than an acting performance.

There appear to be no hard feelings between Lashley and Rusev, even though some fans viewed the storyline as a burial for the latter. Of course, both performers were just doing their jobs.

Lashley is currently set to face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view. This is part of his biggest push since returning to the company in 2018, and there are rumors of him going on to face Brock Lesnar in the coming months.

Rusev, meanwhile, is currently a free agent. It remains to be seen where he’ll end up when his 90-day noncompete clause is up, but All Elite Wrestling has been mentioned as a possibility.