Eden Levine's Assets Practically Bust Out In Skimpy Bikini Snapshot

Eden Levine has brought the charm once again for her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. The lingerie and swimwear model shared a sexy new snapshot in her latest update, featuring her toned physique, incredible curves, and sizable bust in a familiar, multicolored bikini.

In the caption for the May 22 Instagram post, Levine wrote about sleep.

"Did you get your 9 hours?" she asked.

However, her admirers undoubtedly found themselves in rise-and-shine mode upon viewing the steamy new picture.

With a hint of a smile on her face, and her lips seemingly covered with glossy magenta lipstick, Levine looked directly at the camera's lens as the photo was snapped. Her head was cocked slightly to the right, causing her long, dark locks of hair to flow down to one side and cover her shoulder in the process. The ends appeared to tickle one side of her ample bosom.

Her chest was masked only by a tight, multicolored bikini top that she had also worn in a previous video post, and her chest was practically busting out from behind the fabric as she posed.

Just below her top, Levine's toned midsection was left completely bare. Her hourglass shape provided the perfect canvas for the chiseled ab muscles she has worked so hard for and a tight navel to stand out. The picture proved, once again, that Levine's combination of thickness, curves, and impressive musculature make for a uniquely sensuous appearance and a flair all her own.

Finally, Levine completed the pose and added sizzle with a tiny pink bikini bottom that was held together by ultra-thin straps. Levine clutched the strings on both sides and teased her fans by pulling the bottom down slightly off her hips.

In less than an hour, Levine's update notched thousands of likes and inspired several hundred Instagram users to comment on the post.

"What's sleep? Good morning sunshine," wrote one commenter, in reference to the caption.

"That explains why you look so great. I'm lucky to get 6 hrs. Have a funday Friday," replied another would-be sleep enthusiast.

"You look too hot in this," stated another admirer.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Levine rocked another skimpy bikini combination for a video post on May 21. In that update, Levine offered motion-to-go with the view, as she danced in a way that perfectly captured her uniquely sensual figure. That clip has been viewed more than 14,000 times in less than 24 hours.