Demi Rose Teases A Peek At Her Booty In Latest Instagram Update

Demi Rose Mawby kicked off the weekend in comfort. At least, that is how she looked in her latest Instagram pose on Friday. The brunette model appeared not only comfortable but incredibly sexy as she gave her fans a peek at her booty while rocking a T-shirt.

The model's update consisted of a single shot, proving that regardless of what she is wearing, she can make it look tantalizing. The shot had few distractions showing her standing in front of a window with a sheer curtain.

Demi's T-shirt was white with a row of pink flames along the bottom, as well as a graphic design on the back that was difficult to see because her hair covered it up. The hem hung just above the lower part of her rear end, flashing a look at the bottom of her cheeks. The sides of it clung to her curvy hips, emphasizing her shapely figure. She arched her back, showing off her ample bustline. It was impossible to know if she was wearing any underwear, but if she was, it was more than likely a thong or a G-string.

The photo captured Demi from the top of her thighs up. She stood with one leg slightly forward with her back facing the camera. One hand was on the side of her hip, drawing the eye to her derrière. She looked over her shoulder at something off-camera with a sultry expression on her face.

Demi wore her long tresses in a half updo, with the sides of her hair pulled up in a pink scrunchy that matched the flames on her shirt. Her makeup appeared flawless and appeared to include shaped brows, thick lashes, and contoured cheeks. She also looked to be wearing a rose shade on her lips.

The update was a smash hit, garnering more than 102,000 likes within an hour of her posting it.

In the caption, she told her followers to stay comfortable.

Dozens of fans rushed to the comments section to rave over Demi's casual, yet titillating look.

"You are very, very stylish and beautiful," one admirer commented.

"You are ridiculously sweet, you're gorgeous," a second Instagram user chimed in.

"The most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life," gushed a third follower.

"Looking beautiful in that shirt," a fourth fan wrote.

Demi has a knack for looking good in just about anything she decides to put on her body. Most of the time, she opts to show more skin, as she did in the recent snaps that featured her in a revealing gold bathing suit.