Chris Wallace Pushes Back On Donald Trump's Claim That Vote By Mail Is Linked To Fraud

On Friday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pushed back against Donald Trump's recent claim that voting by mail is linked to fraud, Raw Story reported.

"I've done some deep dive in it," Wallace said.

"There really is no record of massive fraud, or even serious fraud, from mail-in voting. It's being carried out in Republican states, it's being carried out in Democratic states. There's no indication that mail-in voting as opposed to in-person voting tends to favor one party over another – if anything, it tends to favor Republicans."
However, Wallace did touch on the possibility of ballot harvesting, which refers to collecting ballots and withholding them to influence the race. He also noted that GOP operative McCrae Dowless engaged in the process in North Carolina to help Republican Mark Harris, who topped Democrat Dan McCready by just 905 votes. The election results were ultimately dismissed, and Harris did not run again.

Nevertheless, Wallace suggested there was no history of widespread fraud and continued to note that ⁠— outside the coronavirus pandemic ⁠— older adults are the demographic who have historically voted by mail.

Election experts claim that mail-in voting can be safe and secure, although they do suggest a slightly increased chance of fraud.

As reported by The Guardian, Trump threatened to cut funding from Nevada and Michigan for their plans to expand their vote-by-mail programs. The attacks are part of what the publication called a "war" between Democrats and Republicans over the use of mail-in voting as the pandemic continues. While Democrats are looking to expand options, Republicans have reportedly funneled at least $20 million to oppose such efforts.

"Republicans generally have been open to plans to mail applications to voters, but have firmly resisted efforts to automatically send ballots," the report stated.

According to The New York Times, Republican opposition to mail-in voting is linked to their campaign to impose restrictions that will primarily affect people of color, younger voters, and the poor. The publication claims that the narrative of voter fraud is a cover for a push against looser voter measures that will purportedly benefit Democrats, who have a base with more of the previously mentioned demographics.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump's claims of corruption linked to mail-in voting come weeks after he mailed in his ballot to vote in the Florida primary. The president, who previously lived in Manhattan, defended his decision by noting that he wasn't in the sate at the time he voted.