Devin Brugman Sunbathes In Black Bikini In A Garden With A White Picket Fence

Devin Brugman soaked up the sun in a black bikini and shared the titillating pic with her fans on social media. She looked smoking hot in a bikini from her own collection and gave advice to fans who can't get to the beach at the moment.

The model wore the Puerto Rico bikini top from Monday Swimwear, the line she started with her friend Natasha Oakley. Devin stunned in the bikini, which came with broad straps and a single boob tube to help support her bountiful assets.

The swimwear showed off Devin's strong arms and flat stomach. She also flaunted her voluptuous cleavage in the classy little top.

Devin wore the Java bottoms with the top, proving how versatile the range is. Of course, her lean, long limbs took center stage as she showed them off for the photo.

Devin styled her long brown hair in a loose knot that allowed some tendrils to escape at the back. She also accessorized with a pair of sunglasses as she needed some protection from the heat of the sun.

Devin took to the garden for her latest Instagram shot. In the background, trees, shrubbery, and various plants provided a magnificent green setting. She posed on a towel by leaning on her arms for support and looked away from the camera.

On the ground next to Devin was an assortment of paraphernalia -- a camera, a book, and a pink-patterned scarf all seemed to suggest that she was going to spend a bit of time outdoors. A cheeseboard provided some interesting snacks if she felt like pecking. To aid in keeping her thirst quenched, a jug with a refreshing icy drink was at hand, as well as some citrus fruits if she wanted to nibble on something.

Devin looked spectacular, and her fans rushed to tell her how beautiful she looked. While the Monday Swimwear page only has 454,000 followers, Devin boasts a fanbase of over 1.3 million people. Her fans showed their appreciation by liking the image and taking to the comments section to engage with her about her idea to sunbathe in the garden.

One fan raved that they were "obsessed" with the look.

Another follower wanted to know where Devin got the towel from. The towel had "Capricorn" emblazoned across the bottom and seemed to be popular with the fans. In fact, two more fans wanted to know where they could buy it.

"I need that Capricorn blanket," one Instagram user said.

"Love the aesthetic," said another fan, who loved how Devin put the whole look together.