Tracy Kiss Shows Two Gorgeous Sides Of Herself In Lingerie And Red Dress

Tracy Kiss takes a selfie.
Tracy Kiss / Instagram

Fans of Tracy Kiss were seeing double on May 22. The vegan bodybuilder shared two selfies in two different outfits in a composite image she uploaded to Instagram. The collage looked like Tracy and her twin were hanging out together, shooting snaps.

In the left photo, she had on a lingerie bodysuit. The predominantly brown suit had white outlines on the part supporting her breasts, as well as another white line extending below her right breast to her stomach. The bodysuit’s snug fit showed off her toned midsection and showed how ample her breasts were, without exposing too much.

With her lower half quite bare, Tracy’s impressive tattoo on her derrière and right thigh could be seen. The black-and-white floral body art covered a lot of ground, seemingly encompassing her entire butt cheek. Smaller tattoos could also be seen on her left and right wrists.

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Left or right? ???? Join me on for more sexy lingerie and take advantage of my quarantine sale by getting 30 days of hot and uncensored content for only $3! ???? I find it fascinating how differently people treat you because of what you wear, how you look and how you compose yourself at any given time. In essence our exterior should never define our interior, whether we look glam or casual it should not heighten or diminish the value of the person that we are – but sadly it does because the world is based on first impressions and status. I am confident both in and out of clothes, with or without makeup, standing in the corner of the room or being the centre of attention – not because I’m cocky, self-centred or arrogant, but because I’m totally at peace with myself as a person and I accept how I look – good or bad. I’m not the best looking girl in the world, I may also not be the worst looking girl in the world, I just look like me and I’m happy with being me. When you think about it nobody else can be better at being YOU than YOU can. So embrace your body, mind and soul, be thankful for what makes you who you are, dress how you choose, be who you choose, even change your appearance (if you want to) however you choose so long as it’s for YOU and not to please anybody else. We all have to find ourselves, try new things and recognise what makes us feel most happy and at ease in our skin so get out there and experiment, change, grow and become who you’ve always been destined to be ???????? Bodysuit & Bodycon: @femmeluxefinery #fashionblogger #bodycontouring #bodycon #bodyconfidencemovement #bodysuits

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The photo on the right was more conservative, but not any less attractive. Tracy wore a striking long-sleeved red dress. Its color was near-identical to that of her phone case, which was visible in both snaps. Tracy’s curves were given their due in this photo as well. The dress appeared to support her breasts well and showed off her strong butt.

Both photos appeared to have been taken around the same time, based on her hair and makeup. In each photo, one bent arm held up her phone, the pose allowing her to flash her painted nails. Her other arm rested by her side and she popped her hip out to elongate her hourglass figure. Her long hair — which was red with some dark accents — hung over her shoulder as she tilted her head towards the mirror.

In the caption, Tracy gave fans plenty of great information. She began by asking them which outfit they preferred and promoting her OnlyFans account. Then, she went into a thought-provoking discussion of how people view others based on their looks. She voiced self-acceptance about herself and her body and encouraged her fans to do the same. She also shouted out Femme Luxe for the bodysuit.

Fans sang Tracy’s praises in the comments.

“Stunning!” proclaimed one fan, followed by four heart emoji.

“Holy curves,” another commented.

“Gorgeous pic babe hot xx,” a third follower praised.

Many fans couldn’t make up their minds about which outfit was better. The model replied to the comments individually with heart emoji.

Currently, the post has more than 2,000 likes and over 300 comments.