Leanna Decker Stuns In Itty-Bitty Bikini While Playing On The Seashore

Leanna Decker took to the beach in an itty-bitty bikini and shared it on her Instagram feed. The serene model sat in the surf and enjoyed the simple things as she relaxed in the sun. Many of her fans raced to view the pic and complimented her on how beautiful she looked in her outfit. They also mentioned how amazing the sea looked in the snap.

The Playboy model wore very revealing swimwear that left very little to the imagination. The brightly colored swimsuit exposed her thick booty and sun-bronzed body as she sat in the sand. Leanna posed in profile, so her chest wasn't visible, but the gingham bikini revealed her minuscule waist and thighs.

In the photo, the sea showed off its gradients of blue. Leanna basked in the heat of the sun while in the distance, the waves crashed far out at sea.

Seemingly unaware of her surroundings, Leanna posed for the camera. She played in the foamy, frothy water of the outgoing tide. The model grabbed fistfuls of sand and seemed engrossed in her play, while her wet hair framed her pretty face.

Leanna is different from most Instagram fitness personalities. While most models post provocative images and regularly put their assets on display, Leanna has adopted a more low-key approach. She posts yoga videos, wears loose free-flowing clothes, and loves taking pics in the outdoors. While she doesn't shy away from showing some skin, her photos are more about beauty than sexuality.

This particular pic underscores her brand philosophy, something that her 729,000 fans have come to love and appreciate about her. In just one hour since the snap went live, she has already accumulated more than 5,000 likes.

She also received plenty of positive comments from followers who loved the image and wanted to show their appreciation by engaging with her. While the majority simply posted various emoji, some took the time to share their thoughts and feelings.

"How's the water, lovely Leanna? Have a great weekend and stay safe out there," one fan commented. They also shared concern for Leanna's wellbeing in a time when most people are worried about their own health.

Another follower noted how beautiful the sea looked, but also spared a compliment for the model.

"Water looks beautiful, especially with you in it," they raved.

One fan waxed lyrical and hinted that Leanna may be a magical creature. Of course, the comment was made in jest, but showed a great sense of humor.

"And they say mermaids aren't real," they teased.