Zoë Pastelle Shows Her Love For Denim And Sense Of Style In New Photo

Zoë Pastelle might want to consider changing her name to "Zoë Denim." The model and actress posted a photo to Instagram of herself in a denim jacket and jean cutoffs. The monochrome look showed she could rock both pieces while drawing plenty of attention towards her beauty.

Zoë, 21, stood outside in the photo. It looked like she was by a pier. A building with columns and a very prominent tree encompassed the background, as the gently rippling water could be seen behind her. The geotag indicated she was in Zürich, Switzerland, which is where she is originally from.

In the shot, the left side of her jacket could be seen very clearly. It had a large front pocket and was left opened, exposing some of her skin underneath -- most notably her stomach -- and giving fans a glimpse of her belly button. The jacket appeared to have at least three buttons for fastening, though they were all left undone for the photo. Her shorts were well above her knees and featured an unfinished hem.

Zoë posed with her left arm bent and her left hand in a fist, which was braced against the side of her jacket and her left pocket. Her right hand — which included a silver ring on her ring finger — was near her collarbone.

A large portion of her dirty blond hair was draped over her right hand and part of her right eye. She looked away from the camera, toward the right of the frame. She had her mouth slightly open so her teeth were partially visible. This helped her convey a look of being caught off-guard. The filter she used gave the photo a very longing, nostalgic feel.

In the caption, Zoë shouted out fashion retailer Zalando and included jean emoji. She also encouraged fans to show off how good they look in denim, with the chance of winning a Zalando voucher.

The comments were full of adoration for Zoë and her outfit.

"Love it," fellow influencer Tatjana Kreuzmayr wrote, followed by heart-eye emoji.

"nice denim style and love the moody pic," complimented one fan, followed by clapping emoji.

"Wow," another praised her, with fire emoji.

One follower simply posted five red heart emoji to show their appreciation.

Zoë's photo has received more than 4,200 likes in just four hours. The Instagram star — who has also appeared on an episode of Killing Eve and in the 2017 film Blue My Mind— currently has more than 212,000 followers.