Madison Reed Gets Flirty In Crocheted Bikini Bottoms With A Cheeky Back

Madison Grace Reed rocked a cute crocheted bikini for an outdoor photo shoot. The stylish social media influencer uploaded her flirty modeling shots to Instagram on Thursday and they received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from her 653,000 followers.

Madison's set of three photos were taken on what appeared to be the edge of a patio. A portion of the area was shaded by trees and she stood in front of thick green bushes that added a pop of color to her pictorial. A glimpse of blue sky and towering buildings could be seen through the branches of the trees.

Her unique white bathing suit had a crocheted design that gave it a boho vibe. She kept most of her upper body somewhat covered up underneath a cropped swim top that featured a scoop neck, cap sleeves, and scallop trim. The garment was lined to ensure that she didn't reveal too much.

Madison's bottoms featured the same net-like construction, but they exposed more skin. The second snapshot in her photo carousel provided a rear view of the garment, revealing that it had a cheeky back that showcased her peachy posterior. However, she used the wide brim of a straw hat to cover up the skimpiest segment of the swimsuit. She grasped two sides of the brim and held the hat over the lower section of her backside. She also drew some of the photo's focus to her shapely legs by posing on her tiptoes, elongating her toned, slender limbs.

The top half of Madison's body was in the shade, creating a sun-dappled pattern on her long brunette hair. The lower half of her body was left exposed to the sun, making her flawless skin glow.

Madison wore the hat and posed in profile for her other two photos. This view revealed that her bottoms had a banded drawstring waist. She arched her back, which highlighted the curve of her perky rear-end. The final shot also included a clear view of her washboard stomach.

The model stood behind a single leafy green tree branch that she referenced in the caption. She shot flirty looks at the camera over her shoulder, curving up the edges of her full lips into a coy smile.

In the comments section, her half-sister -- actress Victoria Justice -- answered her question asking her followers what they were looking forward to most this summer.

"Adventures with you," she wrote.

Many fans ignored Madison's query and commented on her appearance instead.

"You look stunning," gushed one admirer.

"Nice photo Madison you look really fab," another commenter remarked.

Madison spilled one of the secrets behind her fantastic figure in another Instagram post. She was pictured performing a yoga pose and she revealed that she enjoys doing hot yoga to stay in shape.