'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 60 Hints At Vegeta's Upgraded Super Saiyan Blue Form

Despite undergoing intense training and being able to activate Ultra Instinct Sign whenever he wants, Son Goku still fell into the hands of Moro in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Supermanga. Luckily for the people of the Earth, there is still one warrior left that could save their home planet from being destroyed by Moro - Saiyan Prince Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 30 featured the return of Vegeta to Earth.

Like when Son Goku arrived at his home planet, Vegeta also looked confident that he could beat Moro using his upgraded Super Saiyan Blue form, which is the result of his months of training under Planet Yardrat elder Pybara. When they suffered their first defeat against Moro, Son Goku and Vegeta headed into different directions. While Son Goku decided to train his Ultra Instinct with Merus in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta went to Planet Yardrat to see if they had a technique that could help him take down Moro.

Vegeta proved to be right and immediately underwent Spirit Control training under Pybara. As Pybara noted, Spirit Control is the ability to control Ki to a greater degree than average. Being short-tempered, Vegeta had a hard time mastering Spirit Control at first, but because of his determination, he succeeded to learn the special technique. Also, with his extreme desire to return to Earth and have his revenge against Moro, Vegeta managed to use Son Goku's signature move, the Instant Transmission.

While Android 17 and Android 18 were defending Son Goku from Moro, Vegeta appeared in front of them. All of them were surprised to see Vegeta, and Piccolo and Son Gohan suddenly smelled a glimpse of hope that the Earth could still be saved from Moro. Vegeta and Moro started trading insults with the latter saying that he has grown weary of planets that couldn't provide fighters that could match him.

Son Goku felt insulted by Moro's remarks but his reaction quickly changed after he heard the words that came out of Vegeta's mouth. Right after transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta confidently told Moro he's now facing a fighter that is stronger than him. While he isn't capable of using Ultra Instinct, Son Goku, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Android 17, and Android 18 immediately noticed the tremendous improvement in Vegeta's battle power.

After seeing his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, Moro looked surprised. Based on the seriousness of his face, Moro must have felt that Vegeta is no longer a fighter that he could underestimate. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 is expected to give more information about Vegeta's improved power and if it is enough to defeat Moro and save Earth.