'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Dances In The Rain In Racy Plum Bikini: 'Shake Those Tiger Stripes'

Haley Kalil put a smile on the faces of her fans recently. The ginger-haired model posted a photo of her in a smoking-hot bikini as she danced in the rain. Her fans couldn't get enough of her effervescent energy.

The Sports Illustrated model sent temperatures soaring with her latest Instagram update. The former beauty queen posted a video clip where she didn't hide behind a filter or touch-ups, but showed off her body as it was, "tiger stripes" and all.

Haley wore a purple bikini that had thick straps to help support her assets. She showed off her ample cleavage, strong arms, and ripped abs. She paired the top with a thong in a matching color. The bottoms displayed her thick booty, curvaceous hips, and minuscule waist. But it wasn't Haley's flawless physique as much as her attitude that set tongues wagging.

"So much joy you share in this (heart emoji) (heart-eyes emoji) thanks Haley!" one fan commented on the model's display of delight.

The beauty danced to Charlie XCX and Lizzo's "Blame it on your love." She lifted her arms to the sky before she began gyrating her hips in jubilant triumph. Haley showed off her hourglass physique by losing herself in the music and just enjoying the downpour.

The rain soaked her red hair, which tumbled down her back and shoulders. In the background, trees and shrubbery stood sentry as she used her driveway as a stage.

The model has built a solid fan base of over 300,000, who love engaging with her. This particular video has proven popular and Haley's joy was contagious as her fans rushed to view the clip. It has already amassed more than 17,000 likes and over 450 messages. Fans took to the comments section to tell her how much they loved the clip and her message. In the caption, Haley encouraged her followers to let go of the negativity in their lives and enjoy the moment. They resonated with her words of wisdom and wanted to show their appreciation.

"Wowowow are you beautiful inside and out! Thank you for embracing your tiger stripes, as it's helped me be more confident in my own!" an Instagram user shared.

Another follower also made a rather sad confession. They said they had been battling with mental health issues ever since the lockdown started.

"Depression has kicked my butt pretty badly since the lockdown started. Stay positive, Haley!" they admitted.