Lauren Dascalo Flaunts Curves In Pink Lingerie: 'Let's Get Naked'

Lauren Dascalo shared a sexy new post on her Instagram feed on May 22. The model shared a series of photos in which she rocked a pink lingerie set from Lounge Underwear that showcased her best assets as she posed in her bedroom. In the caption, she quoted a cheeky neon sign hanging above her big bed.

The photos showed Lauren standing in front of her gray upholstered bed. A pink sign stating "Let's Get Naked" hung on the wall above the bed. Though the room seemed mostly dark, a light appeared to shine on Lauren from somewhere off-camera, as the beams washed over her body and highlighted her tan skin.

Lauren's look included a light pink, plunging top with "Lounge" written on the band in white text. The top's low-cut neckline showcased Lauren's ample cleavage.

Lauren's flat, toned tummy was on display as well. The front of the thong remained low on Lauren's waist to show off her rock-hard abs, while the sides came up high above her hips and drew attention to her strong figure. Lauren covered her long, lean legs with a pair of white-and-gray camouflage sweatpants, though they were pulled down to reveal the tops of her thighs.

Lauren accessorized the outfit with a silver butterfly necklace and small silver studs in her ears. She also sported a subtle makeup look, including what looked to be bronzer and highlighter. Lauren's blonde locks were pulled up into a high top knot that was tied with a pink scrunchie. A few strands were left out to frame the model's face.

In the first photo, Lauren stood with one hip cocked to the side as she pushed her hands into her sweatpants pockets and stared at the camera. The second image showed the model close up. She pressed her arms against her chest, which caused her cleavage to fall out further. She pursed her lips and flashed her green eyes at the camera.

The post garnered more than 15,000 likes and nearly 300 comments in a few hours as fans left praise for her stunning physique in the comments section.

"Good morning beautiful angel!" one fan said.

"You are so incredibly gorgeous," another user added.

"Perfectly toned body," a third follower wrote.

Lauren always knows how to drive her fans wild. In a post earlier this week, Lauren sported a blue bikini that put her curves on display, which her followers loved.