May 23, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Katie Maloney-Schwartz Posts Stunning Throwback From Her Days As A Blonde

Katie Maloney-Schwartz posted a throwback that showed her as a blonde back in the day. The Vanderpump Rules star, 33, stunned in a TBT pic that showed her posing in front of a pink wall while rocking strawberry-blond locks.

In the photo shared with her 1.1 million Instagram followers, Katie wore black pants and a lacy white top with coordinating black-and-white striped pumps. The usually brunette Bravo star had her hair styled in a sleek blunt cut that was colored blond.

In comments to the post, longtime fans reacted to the Vanderpump Rules veteran's edgier "Tequila Katie" days, with some of them saying she should go back to blond.

"Blond Katie needs a comeback," one fan wrote.

"Love your hair now but do something fun again," another added.

"The brassy hair Tequila Katie Era... so much growth for you since then," a third fan noted.

Others called Katie "brave" for opening herself up to comparisons to her slightly younger self.

"You are so brave to put this out there because there are going to be so many haters," one follower wrote. '"You are beautiful now as you were then. Growth, aging, and happiness are a beautiful thing."

Indeed, some commenters noted how "skinny" Katie is in the photo and asked how many years ago the pic was taken. The reality star has never been overweight but has been unfairly targeted by social media trolls in the past.

Vanderpump Rules premiered in 2013, and that same year Katie posted a photo that showed her with blond hair after a dye job. When social media fans asked her if she liked her new 'do, Katie replied on Twitter.

"I catch my reflection and I trip I feel like I'm wearing a wig. I am loving the color and getting used to it now!" the Bravo star wrote.

Katie previously talked about her stint with light hair in an interview with Stylecaster. The Bravo beauty revealed that she would really love to go platinum blond but that's it's "so" hard on the hair and requires way too much upkeep.

Katie added that even though she is really into beauty and makeup, she's also very low maintenance and would get "totally fed up" with having to constantly go in and get her hair touched up. The Vanderpump Rules star did say she would like to experiment more with hair color.

Katie recently helped her husband Tom Schwartz dye his hair red while they quarantined in California due to the coronavirus pandemic.