Hagen Mills Thought His Ex-Wife Was Dead Before He Died Of Suicide

Actor Hagen Mills may have thought he'd killed his ex-wife Erica Price when he reportedly took his own life on Tuesday, May 19. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Tammy Green-Price, Price's mother, said that Mills assumed her daughter was dead. Green-Price was present in the home when the incident occurred.

"I think he believed she was dead, as soon as she hit the floor, he shot himself," Green-Price said.

Purportedly, Price was still alive and taken to the hospital after the incident was reported to police. She was last reported to be in stable condition. When Mills allegedly broke into Price's home, she was there watching Mila, the child that Mills and Price shared. After gaining entry, Mills reportedly held Green-Price and Mila until Price returned home.

"He tied my hands with duct tape. I tried to appease him, but it was clear he had lost his mind," Green-Price explained.

Green-Price then explained that, when Price finally returned home, Mills held her at gunpoint and begged her to take him back. After reportedly looking at Price's phone, Mills shot her twice, and she then fell to the floor. Shortly afterward, he allegedly took his own life.

Green-Price explained that she didn't realize the incident was over until she opened her eyes following the gunfire. Green-Price told The Daily Mail that her daughter had survived the attack and was going to be OK.

She said that she didn't know much about Price's relationship with the Baskets actor, but that she knew Mills had a hard time accepting their breakup after Price moved back to Kentucky from Los Angeles.

Previous reporting on the incident intimated that the Mayfield Police Department in Kentucky had responded to a 911 call suggesting that shots had been fired. Price met the police outside her house after suffering gunshot wounds to her arm and chest and explained that Mills was the shooter and had killed himself. Mills was pronounced dead at the scene, and their daughter was unharmed in the incident.

Mills was likely best known for his role in Baskets but was featured in a number of other series and films over the course of his career. Mills also appeared in Involuntarily Single, Swedish Dicks, Ashley, Puncture Wounds, and Billy the Kid: New Evidence. His most recent role was in the indie movie Star Light. Mills also starred in a variety of short films and was remembered by his agent as a "talented actor and horseman with that classic Southern hospitality and charm."

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