Donny Osmond Thrilled Over Newest Addition To Family

Donny Osmond is thrilled over the newest addition to the family he has created with his wife of 42 years, Debbie. The couple, who are parents to five sons, will welcome their fifth daughter-in-law when the couple's son Joshua, 22, marries Summer Felsted.

Donny shared a sweet photo of the couple on his Instagram page. In the image, Joshua and Summer were standing together in a field. She appeared to be wearing a wedding dress in the share. Josh wore what looked to be a dark-colored suit. Summer carried an oversized floral bouquet of what looked to be roses, peonies, and lilacs.

In the accompanying caption to the image Donny shared that the couple would be wed this June. He did not explain what appeared to be the inclusion of a wedding photo in the post. Donny originally shared with his followers that Joshua and Summer became engaged this past February on Valentine's Day. The young man was only home for two months after serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-day Saints in Italy, returning home in December 2019 before proposing to his girlfriend.

Donny said that Summer will join the daughters-in-law he and Debbie are thrilled to have welcomed into their family via their marriages to sons Donald Jr., Jeremy, Brandon, and Christopher. With the addition of the newest member of their clan, Donny said he and Debbie now felt their family was complete and called each of their daughters-in-law a "strength and blessing."

The legendary entertainer now boasts eight grandkids. After decades of performing for millions of fans worldwide, the most important thing at this moment in time for the former 1970s teen heartthrob is family. He stated in an interview with The Guardian that his clan is the core of his life, and he made a concerted effort to share weekends with his sons and their families as often as they can.

Throughout his career in the public eye, from the first moment he and Debbie first grew their family, their children have always come first. Debbie remained home with the children when Donny had to leave to work. Yet, he always tried his best to return home on weekends to avoid being away from his sons for a long period of time.

Fans of the singer and entertainer shared their joy for the couple and their sons in the comments section of the post.

"Congratulations! Love is family! Family is love!" stated one Instagram user.

"Such happy news in hard times. Congratulations to all. It's going to be a beautiful day," remarked a second fan.

"Aww such lovely words...Josh & Summer are a beautiful couple for sure...wishing them all the happiness in the world & congratulations to your entire family," said a third follower.