'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 60 Spoilers: Goku's Ultra Instinct Reaches Limit, Suffers Defeat Against Moro

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga, which is titled "Merus' Miscalculation," featured the continuation of the battle between Son Goku and Moro. At first, Son Goku followed Merus' instruction to conserve his energy and practice the Stamina Balancing Act. However, after realizing that Moro was just stalling for time and waiting for him to lose his Ultra Instinct form, Son Goku decided to change his battle strategy.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60, Son Goku finally unleashed his full power against Moro. Merus was surprised to see Son Goku going all out, but Whis did seem to anticipate the Saiyan's action. Whis also explained that while Merus' advice would enable Son Goku to maintain Ultra Instinct longer, it wouldn't be enough to match Moro's power.

As Whis predicted, Son Goku was already able to land critical strikes against Moro after using his full power. With the battle starting to turn into Son Goku's favor, Moro decided to take the fight more seriously and show his true power. Son Goku and Moro brought their fight to the next level, exchanging more powerful blows and Ki blasts.

Piccolo and Son Gohan thought that Son Goku was winning, but as their fight went longer, Moro was starting to prove that he's still the better fighter. Son Goku has definitely gotten stronger, but the current power that he possessed was clearly not enough to take Moro down. This was confirmed by Moro himself when he told Son Goku that if he's already using everything he's got, he has no chance of defeating him.

From the time they both unleashed their full power, Whis and Merus already knew who was stronger between Son Goku and Moro. Whis said that like most Saiyans, Son Goku was just hoping that being cornered by a strong enemy like Moro would enable him to unlock his hidden power. Unfortunately, a miracle didn't happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60.

As their fight continued, Son Goku started to show a decline in his power, and Moro noticed that his Ultra Instinct had already reached its limit. Son Goku's attacks were no longer connecting, and his lightning speed had vanished. After being insulted by Moro, Son Goku tried to power up and hit him in the face. However, Moro countered with a powerful Ki blast coming out from his mouth and succeeded to defeat Son Goku, who lost Ultra Instinct Sign and returned to his normal form.

After witnessing Son Goku's defeat, Merus expressed his concern that Moro might destroy Earth. However, Whis told Merus that they couldn't meddle with the ongoing situation on Earth since it could affect the cycle of the universe.