NBA Rumors: Nets Guard Spencer Dinwiddie Reveals When 2019-20 Season Will Supposedly Resume

If a recent social media post from Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie is to be believed, the NBA might be resuming the 2019-20 season by mid-July, about four months after the league paused its operations due to the looming threat of the novel coronavirus.

Dinwiddie's comment about the possible resumption date for the 2019-20 NBA season was made on Thursday afternoon, when he responded to a tweet from shoe designer John Geiger, who stated that the league will be "back" on June 21. In his reply, the Nets backcourt star clarified that the date Geiger mentioned referred to the resumption of team practices, adding that he "heard" actual games will be held once again on July 15 at a "bubble site."

As explained by Bleacher Report, Dinwiddie's post was in line with recent reporting from The Athletic's Shams Charania and Sam Amick, who wrote earlier this week that NBA officials are hoping that the league could hold games once again by mid-July. It was also noted that the "bubble site" Dinwiddie was referring to — a neutral location where all of the league's teams will be playing due to COVID-19-related safety concerns — would likely be Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

As Dinwiddie also seemed to hint that there will only be about five "bubble site" games per team starting on July 15, the rumors he shared might also back up a report from Sports Illustrated's Mike Fisher, who wrote on Wednesday that the NBA could opt for a regular season in which all 30 teams play at least 70 games in total. When the NBA suspended the 2019-20 campaign on March 11, most teams had played at least 65 games since the season started in October.

"*The July re-start if a season that would total 70 games. Contenders for the NBA Playoffs world get one last chance to jostle for position... and so would lottery teams," Fisher wrote, citing an unnamed source familiar with the situation.

Despite how Fisher's report seemed to suggest a plausible sweet spot for the league if it opts for a truncated regular season, he stressed that there are several variables that could complicate matters. This, he said, makes the situation a very "fluid" one ahead of the upcoming conference call NBA commissioner Adam Silver will be holding with team executives.

The NBA has yet to make an official announcement regarding its regular-season and postseason plans and has not yet even confirmed whether the 2019-20 campaign will continue or not. However, Bleacher Report noted that most signs suggest it might not be long before fans get a definitive answer on the fate of the currently-suspended season.