America Ferrera Says She Was Anxious About Giving Birth During Coronavirus Pandemic

America Ferrera is opening up about the anxiety she felt before giving birth to her second child, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight. While chatting with Katie Lowes on her podcast, the actress recalled what it was like preparing to welcome her newborn child during the coronavirus pandemic.

"There's the anxiety about the virus itself, which is like you don't want to get sick, you don't want your children to get sick, you don't want your newborn baby to get sick," Ferrera said, adding that she tried to stay away from the news because she simply didn't have the capacity to handle the constant influx of information.

"For me, I could feel my heart rate, my anxiety and my blood pressure go up. And also not being able to close my eyes and go to sleep at night because I'm sitting there with all these news stories swirling in my head."
Ferrera said she had to be disciplined about what she allowed into her space in order to prevent adding unnecessary stress during her pregnancy. Having already gone through the process of giving birth, Ferrera told Lowes that she initially thought she'd be prepared for Lucia's arrival but quickly realized that things would be completely different this time around.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, on May 4, the Superstore actress welcomed a bouncing baby girl with husband Ryan Piers Williams. The couple named their new daughter Lucia Marisol Williams and shared the announcement of her birth through social media.

After giving birth to her first child, Sebastian, Ferrera said she found physical relief through acupuncture, but with so many businesses being shuttered at the moment, the actress said she has been having a bit of trouble getting back on her feet.

"I can't walk right now, I can't walk 20 minutes without being like, 'This is painful and I have to sit down,'" she said.

She went on to say that she's now learning to trust herself a lot more while holding on to the fact that she is fully capable of going through the process of healing and coming out stronger on the other side. The actress added that's she just trying to stay grounded and put her "big girl pants on" because she knows she isn't alone in this struggle.

Ferrera also added a note of encouragement to mothers as they create new life, and she urged women who are pregnant during this time to stay strong.