'The Challenge': Kailah Casillas Addresses Cheating On Her Boyfriend

Reality TV star Kailah Casillas has finally spoken about cheating on her boyfriend during her time on MTV's The Challenge: Total Madness.

While appearing on the show, Casillas entered into a relationship with Stephen Bear, despite having a boyfriend back home. She and Bear became inseparable as the weeks went on, but Casillas remained cognizant of the fact she wasn't entirely single. During this week's episode, viewers watched as she expressed her disappointment when Bear was eliminated from the game. She told the show's cameras that she was "literally crushed" to watch him walk onto the elimination floor.

After the episode aired, Casillas took to Twitter to address her actions on the show in a thread of tweets.

"Here's what I have to say: I was in a relationship that I wasn't happy in for a lot of reasons, bigger than you'll ever know. What I did on 35 gave me an escape. Was it the right way? No," she tweeted.

"I should have dealt in a more respectful manner. I take 100% fault for everything and what I did was not right, actually, so f*cked up. But I'm human."
Casillas went on to say that she's now living the life she has always wanted, after taking the time to be alone and regain her independence. She concluded the thread by thanking her fans and followers who have watched her grow up over the five years she's been on reality television.
While the relationship between Bear and Casillas might be over, it definitely caused quite a bit of drama in the bunker earlier this season. During a recent elimination discussion, Nelson Thomas attacked Casillas, calling her "foul," along with other derogatory names. Thomas later apologized, but he was still voted in by Casillas and her crew for the season's first double elimination, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Casillas is now dating fellow reality TV star Sam Bird, and -- based on recent Instagram posts -- the duo couldn't be happier.

As for Bear, it looks like the Brit hasn't quite found his happily ever after. According to a report from the Daily Mail, he was recently involved in a heated exchange with police after getting into an argument with his current girlfriend. Bear accused the woman of cheating on him and could be heard asking the officers how they'd react if their girlfriends hooked up with someone else. The identity of the woman was not revealed, but Bear has been romantically linked to several women, including fellow challenger Georgia Harrison.