Suzy Cortez Wears Nothing But Gold Body Paint And Tiny Thong In Recent Instagram Snap

Instagram model Suzi Cortez wowed her 2.2 million followers with a recent post. Wearing not much more than gold body paint, her fans were eager to respond even if they were somewhat lost for words.

Standing with her back to the camera, the Instagram sensation appeared to be standing in a sandy location, possibly the beach or a desert. However, the caption which bore a single fire emoji and no geotag did not reveal further details.

Suzi, who often posts near-nude images for her adoring fans, entertained her large following by wearing shiny gold body paint as her arms stretched up high above her head.

The only attire she chose to wear was a tiny string thong bikini, which was also covered in the body paint and highlighted her ample buns and slim waist. It appeared that Suzy had sat down in the sand at one point as her rear is covered in a light dusting of it.

The blue sky was behind the model, and Suzi's wet hair appeared to be blowing gently in a slight breeze. There was no styling to her locks, which hung down over one shoulder and her back. It also looked like some of the gold paint had settled in the ends of her hair.

With Suzi's face turned to one side and her body leaning somewhat away from the camera, it was hard to tell what makeup the Instagram influencer was wearing. However, it appeared that her eyes sported long false eyelashes and a pale shade of lipstick. Her face was also free of metallic paint.

As soon as Suzy posted the image, her followers quickly responded. Within six hours, the image had garnered close to 14,000 likes and plenty of comments from her adoring fanbase.

"I love gold," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"Marvelous," a fan said.

"Beautiful," said yet another.

"Love you," another person wrote, following the comment with three fire emoji for further emphasis.

In fact, most of her followers preferred to only use emoji in order to convey their feelings about the image. The most popular appeared to be fire, heart-eyed, lips, and peach emoji. Many times, people used long strings of different emoji to fully get their message across.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Suzy recently stunned her Instagram followers by posting a racy image that saw her leaning over a countertop wearing only a string bikini and red-bottomed high-heeled pumps.