'90 Day Fiancé': Geoffrey Paschel Calls Ed Brown A Pervert And Manipulator

This season of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days was filled with on-screen drama. It hasn't stopped there for Geoffrey Paschel, who recently called out co-star Ed Brown, according to a report from Screen Rant.

While appearing on The Domenick Nati Show, Paschel shared his thoughts about several of this season's cast members, including Brown. As viewers of the TLC series know, 54-year-old Brown met 23-year-old Rosemarie online and the two began a long-distance relationship. Brown later traveled to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend in person, but things didn't go the way he hoped. Throughout the season, Brown criticized, complained, and insulted the woman and that behavior didn't go unnoticed by Paschel.

When asked how he felt about Brown, Paschel smiled and held nothing back with his response.

"I'm a blunt person and I'll just put it bluntly. I think he's a pervert. I think it's disgusting the way that he treats her. I think he's manipulating her."

Paschel went on to say he's aware of how the network's editing could portray cast members in a less than flattering light, but he doesn't believe this is the case with Brown. He then made mention of a specific moment on the show where Brown went into his bag and pulled out a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash for Rosemarie. After handing over the items, Brown proceeded to tell Rosemarie that her breath smelled bad and he noticed it the moment they met. Paschel said he would have never done something like that and insisted Brown "lacked a little common sense in those scenes."

The show's host seemed to agree with Paschel, noting that there are quite a few things Brown should consider addressing about his own appearance before criticizing other people. The host then shifted the conversation to another controversial cast member, Lisa Hamme, who Paschel said he absolutely adores.

After the show, the two became fast friends and it seems Hamme has confided in Paschel about her relationship with Usman Umar, her Nigerian husband.

"She really loves that man," he said, before adding that he questions Umar's intentions.

"I see behind the scenes. I see her heartache and the stuff she's going through. I know she's in love with this man, I have no doubt about that. My question is whether he's into it, whether he's playing the field."

As for his own relationship, Paschel opted not to confirm or deny whether he's currently in a committed relationship. During last week's episode, viewers watched as his Russian ex, Varya Malina, showed up at his door to find him with another woman.

While Paschel didn't share much about his relationship, he did mention he would be starting his own YouTube channel and hosting his own Tell-All special.