Models Cindy Mello & Carmella Rose Sizzle In Tight Outfits For Quarantine Workout

Cindy Mello uploaded a video of a workout with fellow model Carmella Rose to her Instagram page. The duo sported tight-fitting matching black outfits that showcased their slender figures as they performed various exercises outdoors.

The 25-year-old Mello was the latest popular model to share workout tips on social media. She was joined by Rose for the video, which was shot outside an apartment building. The first circuit of their intensive training involved resistance bands that were wrapped around the outside of their legs. Mello and Rose each jumped back and forth several times before doing squats. Both models had their hair up in ponytails, and each wore a pair of body-hugging tights and a cropped black workout top. They were filmed from the side for their second exercise, and fans were treated to a view of their athletic backsides as they jumped and landed in a squat position.

For the second circuit of their workout, the models wore ankle weights. They were recorded lifting their legs sideways for a hip-abduction, which was followed by a squat. Mello and Rose then were on their hands and knees doing "donkey kicks." After this they switched to leg raises while they lay down on their workout mats.

In the third and final circuit of the workout, the models grabbed dumbbells. Each model held a weight low in front of her body and did several "sumo squats." After those squats, they switched to two different types of lunges, which they performed while facing each other. Mello added a caption that gave instructions for the exercises and tagged her trainer.

The Brazilian model's 1 million Instagram followers certainly noticed the workout video, and over 24,000 of them showed their appreciation by hitting the "like" button. Mello's post also received over 200 comments, and her replies were swarmed with fire and strong emoji.

"Perfect team work," one follower replied.

"Amazing workout," another wrote while adding a fire emoji.

Several well-known models left words of encouragement for the fit duo.

"Even the DHL stopped to watch you girls," Brazilian model Sofia Resing joked.

"Invite me next time," Instagram model Jocelyn Chew added.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Mello has been active on social media amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this month, she uploaded another short clip in which she posed for a photo shoot wearing a tiny black bra and matching panties. That sultry post garnered more than 105,000 likes from her loyal fans.